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Answers to COVID-19 Quiz: Test Your Knowledge and Learn More

Posted by Danielle Yoon

Mar 25, 2020 1:00:00 PM

Thank you to everyone that participated in our COVID-19 Quiz!

If you missed our COVID-19 quiz webinar, you can find a full recap of all the questions, answers, and an explanation from Dr. Gregory Jacobson, after the video.


Social Distancing (or Physical Distancing) means you should…

Go out only when necessary.

A virus can only live inside a humans body. As soon as it leaves the body, it starts to die. If we limit interactions with people, we can decrease the speed at which the virus goes through our community, country, and world. You might not feel sick, but you could be asymptomatic and still spread the virus.


The most important reason for Social Distancing is…

To slow the spread of it.

We recognize that the virus is out. Now, we’re trying to slow the spread of it. Especially if you’re caring for people that have a comorbid condition, you should do all that you can to not contract the virus.


If you have ANY symptoms that concern you, it’s best to…

Call your doctor.

We realize that if you go to an emergency room or doctor’s office, you increase your chances of spreading the virus (if you have it) and contracting the disease (if you don’t have it). If you have mild symptoms, such as a cough, runny nose, or fever, stay at home and call your doctor for next steps.


Which specific symptom should make you go to the emergency room?

Shortness of breath.

If you don’t get enough oxygen into your body, your body begins to shut down. If you are sitting and can’t seem to catch you breath, it would be best to consider going to the emergency room.


Which of these is more effective for removing virus from your hands?

Soap and water.


True or False: You can make hand sanitizer at home with vodka and aloe gel.


Vodka that you have in your home liquor cabinet does not have a high enough alcohol content to kill the virus. This is not something you should do at home.


Which of these will NOT help strengthen your immune system?

Less kale.

Data shows that getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night optimizes your immune system. Data also shows that smokers had a worse outcome with COVID-19 than those who don’t smoke. If you want to strengthen your immune system, sleep more, eliminate smoking, and decrease alcohol consumption.


Current science suggests that a Coronavirus lives the shortest time on which surface?


The virus lasts the shortest amount of time on porous surfaces, such as cardboard, and it lasts the longest on stainless steel.


True or False: Getting takeout food from a restaurant should be considered 100% safe.


We’re at a phase in the pandemic where the Hammer needs to be the strongest. At this point, I would say no.


You should stop touching your face because the virus enters through all BUT…


COVID-19 Quiz Show


True or False: You should keep your nanny, housekeeper, or tutor out of your home right now.


I would ask yourself - “Do these people HAVE to come into our house right now?” Whenever you can limit human interaction, it’s only going to help you in terms of COVID-19. 


True or False: Playdates are OK if our kids are outside, right?


Whenever two children are touching, 6 feet of each other, or playing with the same toys, there is a risk of transmitting the disease. It’s good to get outside, but make sure to stay away from other kids and families. This also goes or indoor playdates.


Which form of exercise would be safest right now?

Running alone.

Running alone is the best option to avoid transmitting/contracting the disease.


The federal government currently recommends gathering in groups no larger than…



If you have a mask, you should wear it…

If you go to the grocery store.

When in a public place like the grocery store, wearing a mask can decrease the amount of viruses you are getting in contact with or releasing. You don’t need to have a surgical mask. Now is the time to get creative and create a mask from something you have at home. It’s better to have some sort of barrier to your mouth than nothing.


True or False: Pregnant women are more at risk of a severe illness from coronavirus.


So far from what we’re seeing, pregnant women do not have worse outcomes when they contract COVID-19.


True or False: Only the elderly (70+) can get seriously ill or die from COVID-19.


Younger people have the possibility to get seriously ill. 


Which of the following will not give a higher mortality rate with COVID-19?


COVID-19 Quiz Show 2


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