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Danielle Yoon

Recent Posts

The Manager's Guide to Productive Kaizen Training

September 20, 2022

Kaizen is a way of thinking that embraces the ideas of seeking perfection and engaging in continuous improvement. Organizations prosper...

The 5 M’s of Kaizen for Managers

September 8, 2022

We often describe Kaizen as a way of looking at the world rather than a prescription for how to achieve positive change. Kaizen thinkers...

Why Consider Hoshin Kanri (Policy Deployment) Software?

August 23, 2022

Hoshin Kanri, also known as policy deployment, is the Lean management approach for aligning strategy, tactics, and improvement work...

Raising Lean Thinkers in a Lean House

July 15, 2022

Karidja Sakanogo joined us on our Continuous Improvement webinar series to share the core values and dimensions of Lean management that can...

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How Improvement Software Strengthens Lean Initiatives

June 28, 2022

The Lean approach to business management started when Toyota decided to retool its manufacturing practices to improve efficiency and...

What is Lean? A Basic Definition of Lean Manufacturing

June 1, 2022

Lean manufacturing, also known as Lean management, or Lean Six Sigma, is a structured business improvement method that helps organizations...

Patient Safety, Just Culture, and the Nursing Profession after the RaDonda Vaught Conviction [Webinar Transcript]

April 20, 2022

We recently had Mark Graban, Senior Advisor at KaiNexus, Dr. Greg Jacobson, CEO of KaiNexus, Kelley Reep, Clinical Nurse Specialist,...

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Action Guide: How to Improve the Quality of a Process

April 19, 2022

When we talk with people who are interested in implementing a program for continuous quality improvement, one of the biggest challenges...