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Andrea Roussel

I am a natural lean thinker. I thrive in being an adaptive professional unafraid of new challenges or changes. I began my career as a teacher and found myself quickly entering the world of Sales. Pfizer and Novartis taught me to never take "no" as an answer. The constant objections throughout the sales process encouraged my natural curiosity and lead me to constantly ask "Why". There was always a reason "why" you were faced with an objection. Once you fully understand the "why", you can begin to find ways to partner and gain buy-in. I have applied these same behaviors in the Oil and Gas Industry, and I'm looking forward to my next journey in technology at Dell. I constantly look for ways to improve the current state and processes, and I truly believe that an organization will only get better through constant monitoring of the current state and looking for ways to eliminate wastes. My top 5 strength finders are: Problem Solver - Creative - Detail Oriented - Analytical - Responsible What are yours?
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