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Jacqueline Fonseca

Jacqueline Fonseca is a Process Improvement Coordinator at a health care center in San Antonio, Texas. When she is not working, Jacqueline is an Organizer for San Antonio Vegetable Eaters (SAVE), an active volunteer with “Green Space Alliance” and the “Society for Animal Rescue and Adoption." You can follow her on her blog The Compassionate Vegan, or on Twitter @compassionateve.
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How to 5S Your Kitchen

Posted by Jacqueline Fonseca

Jul 21, 2015 2:27:00 PM

“Sort” “Straighten” “Shine” “Standardize” “Sustain”

In my quest to become zero waste, I started out on this task of organizing my kitchen.  Before I knew about Lean and 5S, I was living the life of “Clean”, “Neat” and “Tidy”…. So the transition to a 5S kitchen was pretty natural. There are quite a few reasons that I believe this method of kitchen organization is important:

  1. It enables me to buy food in bulk, which saves money
  2. Buying in bulk also reduces the amount of packaging waste I produce
  3. I spend less time shopping
  4. It’s easy to keep track of what needs to be restocked, so I always have the ingredients I need on hand
  5. I eat healthier, because I make everything myself
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Recent Posts