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Setting Up Your Balanced Scorecards in KaiNexus

Posted by Matt Banna

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Aug 15, 2019 2:13:00 PM

A balanced scorecard is an easy way to see the progress toward department and organizational goals and KPIs. Without KaiNexus, you’ll need a balanced scorecard for each level of the organization, departments, and teams. Put a balanced scorecard in KaiNexus, however, and you’ll be able to view any part of the organization’s goals, projects, and progress to KPIs in an instant.


This example balanced scorecard in KaiNexus shows 4 strategic priorities of the organization, Safety, Finance, Quality, and Mission & Culture. Each priority also lists a description to show why the priority is important. Clicking any of the titles will lead to another dashboard that focuses directly on each priority.


Beneath each priority is an indicator for the progress of the biggest goal for that priority. For example, this organization is setting a goal to reduce the number of Lost Days, and they’re 93% of the way to that goal


Each priority also lists the KPIs and can be filtered to see each department or locations KPIs, instead of the overall organization level KPIs.


Lastly, all projects relating to each priority are visible, nested and can be opened for details with a single click.


Using KaiNexus for your balanced scorecards makes it easy to see your organization strategy and progress at every level.

Want to talk more about it, or need help setting this up? The KaiNexus Customer Experience Team can help! Contact your favorite KaiNexpert to get started.

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