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What Types of Businesses Benefit from Continuous Improvement Software?

Posted by Maggie Millard

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Jun 12, 2014 1:00:00 PM

shutterstock_124517887While it is true that the idea of continuous improvement software emerged from the manufacturing industry and was quickly adopted by the health care sector, these are not the only types of businesses that can benefit from the structure continuous improvement software brings to implementing positive change and innovation.  Although they are in many different industries, the businesses that benefit most have one or more of the following things in common.

They are Focused on Delivering Outstanding Customer Experiences

Companies keenly focused on customer service and satisfaction have a great deal to gain from continuous improvement software because it enables the people in the company who are closest to the customer to suggest opportunities for improvement.  It engages employees from across the organization in finding solutions to customer concerns and helps track each idea through implementation.  The voice of the customer is heard loud and clear and every aspect of the customer experience can be considered in effecting change.

They are Invested in Employee Engagement

Continuous improvement software is frequently selected by companies that understand the value of employee feedback and engagement.  By putting a process around gathering employee ideas, managing their adoption and recognizing employee contributions, leadership signals their commitment and trust in each individual.  The results have a snowball effect as employees who feel valued are more likely to contribute valuable ideas and solutions.

They Have Limited Resources

The need to do more with less is pervasive and most companies face significant resource strain.  Continuous improvement software is one approach to leveraging resources in the most efficient way possible and finding opportunities to cut costs.  Employee ideas have achieved huge savings for some businesses and led to new lines of revenue for others.

They are Distributed

These days, more and more people work remotely some or all of the time and many businesses have multiple small offices rather than one large one.  These distributed companies have a great deal to gain from continuous improvement software as it allows employees in diverse locations to collaborate around the company's best opportunities for improvement.  Because the technology can be accessed from anywhere, teams can effectively manage change and stay informed about progress toward success.

The opportunity to benefit from improvement software is not limited to any one size or industry.  Many companies can take advantage of it to address the most vexing problems and uncover the most surprising rewards.

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