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Introducing: The KaiNexus Partner Program

Posted by Matt Banna

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Mar 28, 2019 7:56:00 AM

shutterstock_568024666I frequently speak with consultants looking to see how they can improve the services that they provide to their clients. They often mention the same problems: too much time building and implementing their systems, difficulty tracking and visualizing excel projects, and reporting the impact of their work. Ditch spreadsheets, SharePoint sites, homegrown systems. We have the perfect solution.

Introducing the KaiNexus Partner Program!

The KaiNexus Partner Program has been designed from the ground up to help make consultants more efficient by using KaiNexus continuous improvement software. You have knowledge about how to build a culture of continuous improvement and KaiNexus has knowledge of how to use technology to support it. Combine forces to make your engagement more effective than ever!


With KaiNexus, managing clients has never been easier. Work with the KaiNexus implementation team to design and develop a repeatable process for each client. Once you add a new client, your KaiNexus instance will be up and ready for that client to dive in and start improving.

Each client will realize all that KaiNexus has to offer - visibility into the improvement process, standardizing work across the organization, collaborating with team members, and reporting the impact of the work being done.

KaiNexus provides benefits for you too -  the ability to check up on any of your clients from anywhere, at any time. Turn status update meetings into problem-solving meetings. Immediately know which teams need more coaching and which teams deserve recognition with a custom implementation that you can roll out to any of your clients.

In addition to using the KaiNexus platform, the KaiNexus Partner Program includes a number of incentives:

Contact KaiNexus to find out how we can join forces and help you spread continuous improvement.

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