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The KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast is Now Available!

Posted by Mark Graban

Aug 3, 2015 8:02:00 AM

If you know anything about the way our company works, you know that we take customer feedback very seriously. We go to great lengths to understand their needs and daily life. As such, many of our software features and functions are the direct result of customer feedback. 

When I was visiting one of our customers in June, we were chatting about the KaiNexus blog and webinars, along with the other continuous improvement resources that we provide to our customers (and the general public). 

One of our users at that hospital said, "Why don't you publish MP3 versions of your webinars for listening on the go, like a podcast?"


Podcast_Series_LogoSo now, I'm happy to introduce the "KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast."

Of course, if you want to view the slides or the video that has slides and audio synced, you can still do that via our Webinar library

To start, we have six podcasts in the feed, including webinars by Jamie Flinchbaugh, Joe Swartz, and one of our customers, Jason Coons.

We expect to add previous popular webinars roughly once a week, and of course all new webinars will be added as well.

Each podcast will be embedded in the page for the corresponding webinar. Here's an example of that player... try it out!

If you'd like to subscribe to get notified of podcasts as we add more of our webinar back catalog, there are three main ways to do so (and leave a comment if you can think of more ways to get podcasts).

Apple iTunes Store

You can subscribe via iTunes or you can search for KaiNexus in iTunes. If you do a search, you'll also find our video podcast series that includes our 12 educational videos on continuous improvement (which are also available on the web).


Stitcher is a popular app and services that works across all mobile platforms and the web. Many cars now have Stitcher integration built in.

Click here to find us on Stitcher,

RSS Feed

A versatile way to subscribe to the podcast, using whatever player or technology that you might like would be to use our "RSS feed."

You can find the feed here.


We hope you enjoy listening to the podcast, as a way of discovering new webinars or revisiting one you might have watched in the past.

Let us know if you have more ideas about the podcast, our webinars, or any other resources you'd like from us. Thanks!



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