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List Unification, Board Subscriptions, Escalation and More!

Posted by Matt Banna

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Feb 27, 2018 11:14:29 AM

Happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone! Cupid has handcrafted 22 new improvements for KaiNexus - including 1 really big change that you’ll definitely want to check out.

Check out the video below or read along.


Change Height Using Drag and Drop

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this first feature. It may be the biggest, most game-changing improvement that we can possibly come up with!! Just kidding - but in all seriousness, this is a clutch new feature we know you are going to love. It’s now easier and more user-friendly to manipulate card sizes on a board. Just hover over the bottom of a card, click, and drag it to your desired height.

List Unification

Workflow filter.jpg

Alright, you want an actual major change? In our last release, we introduced filter refactor & unification. Now we are proud to present List Unification! Take a look at our left-hand nav bar. We’ve broken up with the Improvements, Projects, Tasks, and Chart sections and have converted them into just one view - Lists. This gives users the ability to make a mixed list of all workflows together which means more powerful filters and greater flexibility. One more way that KaiNexus helps you get the job done! Also, don’t worry about any of your saved list filters, those will carry over with this new release.

Copy Charts

Ah, love at first sight! You can now copy Charts just like any other workflow. This makes it easier to make entries with similar data points or Charts of the same type. Head over to the ellipsis to find the new "Copy" option in Charts!

Plan and Defer from Create Screen (also, Deferred Projects and Charts)

We’ve reduced clicks and made it easier to move items directly into the New, Planned, Active or Deferred statuses. When creating a new item, take a look at the Status & Team section. You can determine what status you want your item to enter, determine dates, and then put together your team. This helps create a simple and repeatable workflow.

Board Subscriptions

Get ready to woo your managers and executives over with new Board Subscriptions. Board Subscriptions help managers in KaiNexus by sending email reminders with links to their important Boards so recipients can click the link, view the Boards, run to the red, and take action. Board Subscriptions are similar to our Digest feature, except they send out links to Boards instead of new notifications.

Subscribe yourself to a Board.jpg



Escalate Window, User Picks, Default Transfer.jpg

We’ve added new escalation configurations in order to help make sure Improvements are seen by the right people and can get the appropriate help they need.

When an Improvement needs an extra set of hands or higher level of attention, hit the “Escalate” button under the ellipsis and notify managers or directors at the next level.

Now you can even configure your templates to have a forced or optional transfer process as a part of the escalation action.

Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take full advantage of this feature.


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