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Emojis and Gifs in KaiNexus, Oh My!

Posted by Noah Paratore

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Apr 15, 2019 2:13:00 PM


The Birth of a Blog Post

When planning the design of a new KaiNexus baby onesie*, our Marketing Director bemoaned her inability to put emojis in KaiNexus. (Editor's Note: This is a real concern! I cannot fully express myself without emojis. I'm a millennial, and I need them.)


I figured that if Maggie, who has been using KaiNexus for over 7 years, didn't know how to insert emojis, you probably don't either. So here is my gift to you (and your colleagues). 

Go forth and emoji. And gif. And attach. And impress!


Adding Emojis to Free-Text fields!

Love emojis? You have the ability to add emojis directly into some text fields on your items in KaiNexus. Emojis are visible in Text Areas, Text Fields, and even in the Comments section.

You can quickly select an emoji by using the following keyboard shortcuts:

(MAC) “control + command + spacebar

(PC) “windows key + ;”    or    “windows key + .”


Adding GIFs to your items!

These will work just like adding images to your items. You can add them by attaching it as a file to your item or you can attach them into fields that allow images. Check out this support page for additional information!


Semi-Related Bonus: Add a File Attachment on your Email Submissions!

When submitting an item via email, you are able to attach a file directly to your submitted item in KaiNexus by simply attaching the file to your submission email. Email submissions are limited to one template per instance so reach out to your CE Lead at KaiNexus to take advantage of that feature! Check out this support page for additional information!



[Watch Now] KaiNexus Training Team Office Hours

* Did you know that we have onesies for your new babies? Let your account manager know if you're expecting 


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