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Enhancements We've Made in the Last Year [User Conference Keynote]

Posted by Noah Paratore

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Oct 25, 2018 7:42:00 AM

We here at KaiNexus have been very busy over the last year since the last User Conference in 2017. The KaiNexus Team has been hard at work to provide all of our customers with the best user experience both in and outside of the platform as we continue to design the best improvement software possible. We practice an agile methodology when it comes to developing our software. This gives us the ability to easily incorporate feedback both internally and from customers into our development process.

KaiNexus has had 11 releases and close to 235 platform enhancements in the past year.

This post has a few of our favorite enhancements - watch the video of CEO Greg Jacobson's User Conference Keynote for more.


Control Chart

Charts as a Workflow

At the beginning of this year, charts were a standalone feature in KaiNexus with minimal functionality. By evolving charts into their own workflow type, it opens up an entire plethora of capabilities for charts. Now charts can house or ‘nest’ other workflows such as projects, improvements, or tasks. You can create lists of charts, add resolutions, statuses, links, and files. Details, teams, and dates can be added similar to how projects and improvements function in KaiNexus. This year has added a ton of new enhancements for charts that we hope to continue to build off of for years to come.


Lists are hugely powerful in KaiNexus. They are often generated a lot on the cards we put on boards and are a very logical way of viewing information, so there’s a significant benefit to making key enhancements to the list features. One of the biggest improvements is to be able to generate mixed lists between multiple workflow types by allowing projects, improvements, tasks, and charts to appear all in one list.


Boards are where we primarily spend our time in the system and where the flow of work appears in KaiNexus. Therefore, tons of enhancements have been made to how we can now use boards. A People card has been added as a way to give people recognition and depict several accomplishments. By adding a board location filter configuration option, it provides an easily accessible paradigm to apply a filter quickly and overlay it on a board. By embedding files onto a Free-Style card, you can have quick access to important documents directly from a board.

Major Strategy Dashboard


Roadmap: Where are we going?

A few more releases are scheduled for the last quarter of 2018 and with each version comes more improvements. One of the enhancements we aim to accomplish is to have multi-language support for templates across the platform for our international customers. Other features include more chart enhancements, advanced ROI reports, recurring items functionality, and a more robust process for escalation and reviewal.

A significant concept for us at KaiNexus is the announcement that 2019 will be what we refer to as the Year of Adoption. For the past four years, we have been releasing new functionalities and expanding the capabilities of our software. For 2019, we aim to take this time to internally look at all the areas that we have released in the past few years and do deep dives into each one of those areas. These areas include boards, comments, badges, milestones, reports, files, and details/ad-hoc. We already have around 25-50 enhancement ideas around each of these areas, and we are going to dedicate time in 2019 to further update and prioritize specific areas along with customer feedback. We’re excited for what’s to come, and we’re ready for the year of Adoption!

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