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Highlights of KaiNexus 3.1.2

Posted by Morgan Wright

Sep 21, 2023 9:45:00 AM

Get ready for another round of improvement! In this latest release, we keep things interesting with exciting new features, quality-of-life improvements, and meticulous bug fixes. These enhancements have been thoughtfully crafted to elevate your experience, and we are thrilled to share them with you.

Release 3.1.2 is scheduled for this Friday, September 22nd, and it has everything you need to elevate your improvement work this fall.

Check out some highlights below:

Habits Calendar

You might have heard us talking about the connection between habit science & continuous improvement lately. Now - we've added a new feature in the system to help support habit formation. The Habits Calendar has been added to the User Profile! Under your Activity on your User Profile, you'll notice a new tab called "Habits". Here, you'll find a dynamic calendar that displays actions like signing in, clearing notifications, commenting, and more! With Quality Administrator Permissions, you can view the Habits Calendar for other Users in addition to your own. This is a great feature for tracking daily activity patterns over time. 

Habits Calendar


Item Search

We’ve added Item Search functionality to all Item Fields to help you find Items quicker and easier than ever. When working with Item Drop Down Fields, you'll now have access to the Item Search icon. By clicking on the magnifying glass icon, an Item Search window will appear with results relevant to the initial Item Drop-Down. Don't forget you have the Item Filter & Quick Filters to further narrow down your results. This powerful tool lets you narrow down results by entering your own parameters.


Reset Item Lists 

A new option has been added to the Actions Button within Items. After you have updated the View and Filters on a Nested Item List, you may prefer the List to return to its original settings. To help you accomplish this quickly, we added a “Reset Item Lists” option to the Actions button in Items. When you choose the 'Reset Item Lists' button, it will return a public, nested Item List back to it's original columns, filter, and view type. Using this feature will reset all of an Item’s Nested Lists at the same time.

Reset Item Lists


Updated Pop Up When Deleting 

KaiNexus is here to help prevent you from accidentally deleting Boards and Cards! Now when deleting a Card or Board, we have added a clearer warning message to ensure the User knows exactly what they are about to do. This will help to discourage any accidental deleting! 

Delete Board

Milestone Enhancements

For those of you using the Milestones Module, you can now set Milestone Ready and Approval Deadlines to a specific date. Previously, you could only specify the number of days the team had to move the Milestone forward. This new feature allows for clear and concise deadlines to be set or edited for the Milestones set in your organization's improvement work. Now, you will have much more flexibility when planning time frames for projects utilizing Milestones.

undefined-low (1)

Updates to Goal Widgets

You can now lock Goal Widgets to a specific Location. Locking a Goal Widget to a Location allows you to display Goals on Boards without a Location Filter and compare the progress of your goals of multiple Locations simultaneously. This feature makes it even easier to display the progress on the goals set for your organization.

Goal Widget

There are so many amazing new features coming out in this release! In the meantime, if you have any questions or need assistance with configuring these new features, be sure to reach out to your KaiNexus Customer Success Manager. An overview and complete release notes can be found at support.kainexus.com under "KaiNexus Updates" after the release goes live.

If you're interested in learning more about the 3.1.2 Release, be sure to register here for our next Training Team Office Hours Webinar on Tuesday, September 26th at 1 PM ET. 

This has been your Customer Marketing Manager, Morgan Wright. Keep improving!

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