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How People are Using the New KaiNexus API

Posted by Matt Banna

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Jul 9, 2020 10:25:01 AM

KaiNexus APIAs we announced at our 2019 KaiNexicon Conference, KaiNexus made 2020 the Year of Mobile and API. Since then, we’ve made huge jumps in both of these areas.

My favorite part about all these new API enhancements is seeing how our customers utilize them to connect KaiNexus to other integral parts of their business. KaiNexus handles all of their improvement work - but they often need this work to integrate with other systems. 

To make this easier, the KaiNexus API can now:

  • Automatically add and remove users

  • Update Item data in KaiNexus from other systems

  • Import Chart Data and Metrics

  • Export Project Data into PowerBI/Salesforce/etc

  • Create new Network Locations 

Each of these features have been specifically requested by our customers to help solve a problem with the import and export of data in the system. It’s only been a month, but we already have tons of customers using - or planning to use - these features. 

Looking for ideas of how the API can help? Check out what others are planning:

  • A customer is planning to connect to a project management system for higher-capacity strategic projects. Any idea that needs advanced project management features gets exported, and when it's completed, the resolution will be updated in Kainexus.

  • A few customers are planning on updating items to/from maintenance systems. Some improvements involve the maintenance team and the API will help them communicate those changes to that team and make updates in KaiNexus when the maintenance tasks are finished.

  • A customer is planning a connection to update financial data from a capital planning system.

  • A customer is planning on updating items to and from their IT systems. Many of their improvements involve bringing in their IT team, so communicating updates to and from their IT ticketing system is vital.

  • A customer automatically exports all data from every software platform in their organization (including KaiNexus) into a business analytics system so they get a holistic view of all systems.

  • A few customers are automatically feeding chart data into KaiNexus via the API from some manufacturing intelligence systems. These metrics automatically update on team boards to help show team members their progress toward their goal.


These are just the tip of the iceberg. Our customers continue to amaze us with how they use our product and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

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