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Introducing KaiNexus Showroom: Configuration Models & Best Practices

Posted by Noah Paratore

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Sep 11, 2018 7:41:00 AM

Here at KaiNexus our mission is to help organizations spread continuous improvement. The Customer Experience team lives to see this mission through with our customers. We believe that by maintaining our platform and continuing to learn about the industry with help from our partners, we can build lasting relationships and set KaiNexus customers up for success.

Throughout this process of carrying out our mission, we have encountered lots of questions about how to best make use of KaiNexus:

Start With “Why?”

“What are Other Organizations Doing?”

“What is the Best Practice?”

“Can We See a Few Examples?”


Introducing... the KaiNexus Showroom!

The Showroom is a custom instance of KaiNexus configured to provide detailed examples of how KaiNexus has been leveraged by other organizations. Additionally, the showroom gives a look into some of the most common features and configuration models utilized.

We have structured the Showroom to function similar to a walkthrough of an IKEA. Browse through the various rooms, and if you see something that catches your eye, take note of the title or ID number and let your Customer Experience lead know what you would like to build. Primarily separated by use cases, showroom users can see a variety of different configurable boards and templates to take inspiration from. Such use cases include:

KaiNexus Showroom


(Or just)

Showroom Map
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Top Down, Project Management
  • Bottom Up, Daily Improvements
  • KPI & Charts
  • Continuous Improvement Education

Learn how the platform can look from every customer angle.

See what specific project or improvement types look like at all stages of the process:

  • Upon Creation
  • How it appears on a board within a card
  • Active/Live Projects
  • Post Completed/Resolution Submitted status

Along with a plethora of board and improvement template configuration options to choose from, the Showroom provides a deeper look into the micro-management of template layouts with the KaiNexus Building Blocks.

See how template components, such as text fields and attributes, can be configured in their simplest forms.

Showroom Board



Template Configuration Options


KaiNexus “Shopping” List

See something you liked within the Showroom? Make a list of things you like and talk to the CE Team about configurations options.

KaiNexus Shopping List


So how can I view everything within the Showroom?

If you would like to get into the KaiNexus Showroom, just reach out to your Customer Experience Lead and they will provide you with the login credentials.

KaiNexus Showroom v1 

This is just the beginning. We love your feedback. Have specific requests or ideas for the Showroom? Reach out to your CE Advisor. The Showroom will continuously be updated and grow with more examples and features as the platform evolves over time.

Keep improving everyone!

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