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Rolling Out Customer Roundtables

Posted by Lisa Hanna

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Jan 3, 2018 3:23:51 PM

Here at KaiNexus, we like to think of our customers as a tribe. Part of being in that tribe means teaching and learning from one another. In fact, one of the asks we hear frequently from our Customers is the desire to connect and form relationships with other KaiNexus customers and exchange ideas. Our Annual User Conference is an excellent way to initiate those interactions, and while the schedule is always jam-packed, there’s only so much knowledge can be shared in such a short period of time.

Facilitating that connection was the inspiration for our new roundtable series! Each roundtable session will consist of a small group of users, handpicked by KaiNexus team members, to participate in an open conversation focused on one KaiNexus topic. Often times, when it comes to software, you don’t know what you don’t know. To combat that feeling, during the sessions we will use a screen share to display the instance of each participant and allow our customer champion to talk to the what, how and why of the feature, while being asked questions by the other participants. It’s an informal and transparent way to see how other customers are using the platform and get new ideas for how it can be used in your organization.

Out first roundtable was hosted at the end of November with some of the oldest members of our tribe - Mary Greeley Medical Center, St. Clair Hospital, and Lee Health Systems. We had champions from each organization join the meeting prepared to talk about different ways to use boards in KaiNexus and why it’s important to their organization.

During our 60-minute session, we were able to explore different ways of organizing boards with nesting, idea monitoring reports, and tips and tricks that make viewing the board more user-friendly - like color coding and filtering techniques. The bulk of the discussion was concentrated on the different types of reports created using boards and why those are valuable to have in KaiNexus.

Although the intended audience of each report may vary, the power of using boards in KaiNexus is that only the appropriate party had the ability to view them, right at their fingertips.

Here are a few of the boards we were able to highlight during the session.

Put into the spotlight by Mary Greeley Medical Center was the use of stoplight reports. Using colored attribute values to visually highlight progress/status of an idea, department leaders and executives are able to see the state of their improvement work at a glance. The benefit of using a report like this is the ability to easily identify stagnant ideas, departments or bottlenecks and loop in the right people for increased accountability.

MGMC Stoplight Submit.jpg

  MGMC Spotlight Report.jpg

For St. Clair Hospital, time was spent exploring the Manager’s location board. This is a one-stop view for the manager of each department to get a high-level overview of the improvements being worked on. Using the primary header, each card is color-coded to draw attention to items appropriately; red for urgent items, orange for items to be aware of, and teal/blue for the user’s own items. There’s also a gray section built for transparency, displaying deferred or transferred items to ensure ideas that are put on hold aren’t lost or forgotten.

Manager Location Board.jpg

Finally, our KaiNexus champion at Lee Health Systems featured their e-huddle board. This board, originally created for remote users, allows KaiNexus users to participate in a virtual huddle. Each individual can easily identify what they are working on, as well as what is being worked on in their department. It also introduces links to user guides and standard work documentation for ease of access using a freestyle card.

Lee Health v2.jpg

Amongst the roundtable, ideas were shared, connections were made and questions were answered. And this is just the beginning of our tribal bonding here at KaiNexus. Be sure to keep an eye out for an invite for the next roundtable!


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