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The Invaluable Value of Culture

Posted by Austin Linn

Jan 19, 2022 8:00:00 AM

When examining the quality of a business the “numbers” are the easiest metrics to measure success by. The number of units sold, how many new accounts are signed, how much overhead there is, and what the profits are at the end of the year are easy enough to quantify and paint a very black-and-white picture of the success or failure of a company. Make no mistake, those metrics are critical to the feasibility of an organization. At the end of the day, it’s hard to keep the lights on if there isn’t enough in the bank to pay the electricity bill. However, we are often blinded by how big, or small, these numbers are when compared to other companies in that industry. The amount of red or black on a ledger forms the entirety of someone’s opinion; an opinion that more often than not can’t be changed once it’s been formed. Unfortunately, this means that the intangibles of a company are usually overlooked and undersold. The culture of an organization becomes an afterthought instead of a focal point.  

If we were to examine a company as a living, breathing organism, then the culture would be the blood pumping through its veins, keeping every organ running at maximum capacity and the entire body at peak performance. A strong, healthy culture creates happy and motivated employees, fun and engaging work environments, and encourages people to stay loyal by growing their careers within the company. There might not be a stronger and more vibrant culture out there than the one here at KaiNexus. 

IMG_0100From the moment I applied to my role as a Customer Success Manager here at KaiNexus, I knew there was something different about this place. I’d never seen a job application that encouraged me to apply regardless of my professional background or related experience. Throughout the entire process, every single member of the team spoke at length about the comradery, support, growth, and love that everyone experiences at KaiNexus. They didn’t want to spend 30 minutes rehashing what they could read on my resume; they wanted to hear about my triumphs and tribulation, how I build relationships with co-workers and customers, and the values I hold close to my heart. After every interview, I spoke at length with my family and friends about the uniqueness of the process and, to be honest, the skepticism that I was feeling. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Except, it turns out, if it’s KaiNexus. 

I have never felt more embraced by a group of coworkers than I did in my first few weeks with KaiNexus. Everybody was genuine in their support and excitement for me to be joining the team. It wasn’t the “oh great, someone new to help carry the load” kind of excitement that most new coworkers show. It was a genuine “oh great, someone new is joining our family” kind of excitement that most never get to experience in a professional setting. I was lucky enough to attend our Holiday gathering at our CEO Greg’s house in December and it was the first time I had met any of my teammates in person. They embraced me like an old friend, not a new face.

Here at KaiNexus, we care about the numbers. We can’t keep our doors open if they don’t add up. But unlike other companies that judge their success and failure by those numbers, we judge it by the quality of our culture and the impact it has on our employees. Because at the end of the day, if we fail to uphold our standards then it doesn’t matter what the numbers say. Quality at KaiNexus means something a little different, and that’s what makes this a truly special place to work.

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