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A Video Introduction to Continuous Improvement Software

Posted by Greg Jacobson

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Apr 12, 2017 6:23:00 AM

Organizations that have a thriving, long-term culture of continuous improvement succeed because they address the need for improvement from every level. They do this by rolling out top-down improvement with goals and priorities set by leadership along with bottom-up daily, continuous improvement from the front lines. Successful organizations know that it's important to tie all improvement work into their critical goals, and so they use strategy deployment to keep everything on track.

Traditionally, an improvement culture this well-ingrained in the company would rely on project management software to organize the top-down initiatives, spreadsheets to manage the bottom-up improvement, and paper boards to organize strategy deployment. Leading organizations recognize that applying these methods to continuous improvement is outdated and that the smarter way to start, spread, and sustain an improvement culture is to use a single platform for all three of these approaches.

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Bottom-Up Improvement

Improvement Curve zoom Key.jpg80% of your improvement potential is in your front lines, which means that if you're failing to capture employee ideas for improvement on a daily basis, you're not tapping into your organization's full potential.

Continuous improvement software makes it simple for people to submit ideas for improvement from any device, from anywhere, with minimal interruption to their workflow. Once an idea is submitted, it progresses quickly through the improvement cycle, accelerated by the increased visibility, accountability, and reporting capabilities that the software brings to the equation.

It adapts to fit your improvement methodology so you can keep the language and process that work for you, and is intuitively designed for use by your entire organization.




Top-Down Improvement

17_04 User Activity Board.jpgAn improvement journey means lots of moving parts, with a lot of different people. There are different types of improvement projects and events going on all over the organization, and it's nearly impossible to get all of those people coordinating efforts. That is, nearly impossible without continuous improvement software.

With a single platform, you can immediately know who is doing what, when they're doing it, and if there's a problem. Eliminate silos between teams and locations because now, everyone speaks the same language. All improvements are tracked in the same place, using standardized templates YOU design, and communication is streamlined and logged for transparency and accountability. Even better, you're able to see the impact of every improvement initiative instantly, without digging into spreadsheets trying to figure out how to compare apples to apples.




Strategy Deployment

Narrow Leader Dashboard.pngStrategy and improvement are meant to work together. After all - what's the point in setting True North objectives, if you're not making improvement to achieve them? Strategy deployment is commonly organized with paper systems and wallboard displays, but these don't provide the visibility, tracking, and reporting capabilities you need to effectively align both top-down and bottom-up improvement with your strategic goals.

Continuous improvement software aligns improvement with your goals by communicating exactly where you're going and empowering your people to get you there. Manage your strategy deployment and drill down into every level of improvement in one spot. See what improvements are being made in relation to each strategic goal, recognize the staff and managers responsible for helping you to achieve these goals, and make data-backed decisions every day. Put your resources in the right place by instantly knowing if you're off track and resolving issues before they get out of hand. Continuous improvement software makes it possible to get everyone pulling in the same direction.



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