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3 Software Features to Increase Visibility into Continuous Improvement

Posted by Greg Jacobson

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Jul 15, 2014 1:01:00 PM

8623530268_e4ab76a283_mLet's face it - managing improvement work can be a daunting task. You have people from many dispersed departments trying to make your organization a better place... and without a continuous improvement software solution to manage that, it's easy to lose track of who is working on what, the impact of your efforts, and your big-picture goals. 

KaiNexus helps customers increase visibility into continuous improvement across the organization, into every level of improvement work.

One of the coolest parts about KaiNexus (I think, anyway) is that we take feedback from customers about the challenges they're facing in their continuous improvement work and develop features that solve those exact problems. 

Here are a few features we've recently released that make a big difference in visibility into improvement work for our customers: 
  1. Metrics in Custom Views

    Long-time users of KaiNexus know that it's been possible to make custom views for a while. In these custom views, leaders can generate lists of opportunities for improvement in the system based on many different criteria, such as organizational strategic initiatives and departmental categories.

    Recently, we've added the ability to see metrics of these lists, too. That way, leaders can see the exact impact of the opportunities for improvement for each custom view they create. Wondering what your improvement team has been doing to address your Safety strategic initiative? Check your custom view! 


    Sometimes, there's something going on in the organization that pertains to you, even though you're not on the team that's implementing it. Maybe you're interested in implementing the idea in your own area once it's resolved, or maybe you're a leader responsible for overseeing all improvement efforts in your work area. Whatever the reason, KaiNexus makes it easy for you to stay in the loop with our recently-released "Follower" concept. 

    Users can "Follow" any opportunity for improvement in their organization using KaiNexus, guaranteeing that they get all updates about anything going on with that work. Our customers don't have trouble communicating about their projects, no matter how spread out they are; they simply Follow any relevant opportunities for improvement. 

  3. Task Lists 

    Ever have trouble deciding who to assign work to, because you don't know what their current workload looks like? With the release of a new feature that shows a list of everything a person is working on, our customers no longer have that problem. They simply open up the users' profiles and see who has the capacity for the task at hand! 

Give us YOUR feedback: what features would you like to see in a software solution for managing continuous improvement?


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