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What Makes KaiNexus Different From Your Standard Software Vendor

Posted by Chris Luckett

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Dec 5, 2016 9:46:55 AM

Thanks to a certain airline that shall remain unnamed, a specific part of the country, one un-maintained part on an airplane, and a Presidential fly over, I had some time to reflect on KaiNexus and the recent User Conference I attended in Austin, TX. 

As an engineer, I typically stay away from using subjective feedback or information to provide input. I have an innate pull to be objective and quantify. While it would be natural for me to spend 500 or less words expressing to you the value of KaiNexus with concrete figures such as impacts, number of OIs, people involved, and down the line, none of them is as significant as this to me: 

KaiNexus allows me the freedom to be me for my organization. Because of its ease of use and intuitive design, I’m able to spend more time creatively solving problems, which is where my organization really benefits. 

Whoa!  There, I got it off my chest and put it out there. I guess I do have a soft, inner shell somewhere that just likes to have something that works for me and is just right. Maybe KaiNexus should start charging for ‘emotional support’ and recovery from a boring, drab world full of corporate goals, measures, and data. Yes, KaiNexus helps you meet those goals and track that data, and pretty well, too - but one of the things that I most value from KaiNexus is that I’m not limited by the platform on what I can do with it. 

My typical interactions with vendors and their products seem to go something like this….

Vendor: We want to listen and help you design the system to meet your needs. 

Company: Long lists of things that they’re not able to do with their current system and the features they’d like to have. 

Vendor: This is wasting time, so let’s move on so we can set our system up for you, get past the disappointment, and you can begin the struggle of figuring out what you’ve purchased.

KaiNexus is different.

With KaiNexus, if I need to be strategic, there’s a way to do that, as well as a KaiNexus partner (thanks Jake!) who is not hard to reach if I need to brainstorm about the best way to facilitate my issue in the system. If I need to quickly stand up part of my organization for meeting certain improvement goals, if I need to maintain and instill certain disciplines within projects and OIs, if I want a way to huddle and communicate about work being done across disparate departments and staff – it’s all doable in KaiNexus.    

My biggest request may be to see if KaiNexus would be willing to coach several of my other vendor partners on the ability to keep an open mind with using their product…they could call it KaiNexEveryoneElse…….Hey, I may start an OI!?!?!’

About the Author

Chris LuckettChris Luckett joined the Kettering Health Network in October 2013 as Network Manager for Process Excellence.  Chris has over 17 years of experience in diverse operational roles such as manufacturing engineer, supervisor, manager, and consultant.  During his career, he has lead efforts that have crossed all levels of organizations and involved multi-disciplinary teams.  He has been leading process improvement in Healthcare for the past 7 years.

Chris holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, is certified in Leans Systems Design in both Healthcare and Manufacturing from the University of Tennessee, was certified as the highest level of facilitator in The Boeing Company’s Accelerated Improvement Workshop techniques, as well as holds his PMP Certification.  He has also taught many Lean and Operational training sessions in Healthcare and Manufacturing, as well as presented and published based on work he has completed.


Topics: Continuous Improvement Software

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