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If Your Improvement Software Doesn't Do This, Look for a New Solution

Posted by Matt Banna

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Jun 16, 2016 7:30:00 AM



The best continuous improvement software will be able to capture more opportunities, implement more improvements, measure those improvements, and share the knowledge gained. This improvement cycle is the foundation of a culture of continuous improvement - and the right software will engage more people in that cycle, accelerate the rate of change, and result in a greater impact. If your continuous improvement software doesn’t have features that support the cycle of improvement, you'd better start your search for another one!


Capture More Opportunities

The whole point of continuous improvement is to make your organization better every day. If you can’t capture the opportunities, then you won’t improve. It’s as simple as that. Creating a standardized method of capturing opportunities for improvement in a single platform makes it easy enough for everyone to be able to contribute. Keeping the platform simple means that even the most tech-challenged staff members will be able to use it. Your software gets bonus points if it allows you to submit opportunities from phones and email, too. Technology should never be a barrier to capturing improvements. Lastly, customization allows for your organization to capture the right information for each type of improvement in the format your employees recognize so that nothing has to change about the workflow.

With the right technology, you can increase engagement by staying connected through high visibility and transparency. This extra insight allows you to improve your coaching skills and eliminate bottlenecks in your organization by moving resources to where they’re needed. You can share knowledge of the improvements you make so others can implement them as well, wherever they’re located, which means instead of making duplicate improvements, you can find other areas that need it.


Implement More Improvements

Engaging more people means more opportunities for improvement. More opportunities for improvement means more that can be implemented. Accelerating these improvements to get them done as soon as possible makes the biggest impact. You can accelerate improvements with increased visibility to adjust and analyze goals and to predict where any bottlenecks could occur.

Accelerate the rate of implementation using smart notifications that keep everyone updated and on the same page. Eliminate multiple lengthy email threads that cause staff to miss important updates. With alerts and reports, staff members are always held accountable. Teams can collaborate on improvements and projects, regardless of their location.


Measure Improvements

Having insight into every aspect of the improvement process is key to getting the most out of your improvements and projects. Measuring the activity and engagement allows leaders to nurture their improvement culture. Data from improvements can measure the impact of those improvements on your organization.

Track the progress of your strategic initiatives to make sure that your organization is on course. Metrics that keep track of the status of your projects and improvements can allow you to see which are on track and which are behind. These metrics can also allow you to see which staff are making the biggest impact and which might need a little extra coaching. Sharing the success of the top performing employees shows others that you value their contributions.  


Share Knowledge

Learning and improving means nothing if you cannot share those accomplishments with others in the organization. Continuous Improvement software gives an organization the ability to give staff members to access their boards and projects from anywhere. Metrics can be easily reported to anyone in the organization to show the impact that each improvement and project had on the organization. Smart notifications keep everyone in the loop and up to date as well as remind participants about deadlines and then let leaders know about their completion.

With every improvement logged, the database grows bigger and bigger. Completely searchable, the database is a reservoir of ideas in addition to a log of your organization’s accomplishments. You can use this log to give shout outs to the ones that are making the biggest difference and show your organization that any improvement is worth the effort.

Does your continuous improvement software have all of these features? If not, it may be time to make the switch. KaiNexus has all of these features and more to help your organization get the job done. KaiNexus can seamlessly integrate into your organization to capture more opportunities, implement more improvements, measure those improvements, and share the knowledge with your entire organization. Give your organization the KaiNexus advantage.


Schedule a demo today to see how it will help you! 



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