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What You Need to Know About Working at KaiNexus

Posted by Matt Paliulis

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Mar 6, 2017 9:48:04 AM

IMG_8010-477454-edited.jpgEditor’s Note: For those of you who have anxiously been awaiting the news that KaiNexus is hiring (anyone? anyone?), I’m happy to announce that we’re looking for a front end web developer for our Dallas office! I’ve never actually been to the Dallas office (most of our team is in Austin, so we meet there), so I asked Matt Paliulis, our COO and Co-Founder, to tell us what it’s like to work there in the land of KaiNexus Developers. If you’re ready to apply, go here to learn more about this particular job - and if you need more convincing, read on!


Here at KaiNexus, we believe that each person in our company plays a critical role in the success of our company - and our customers. We’ve grown rapidly over the past couple of years, but we’re still a small team, making each person’s contributions critical.

When most people think of a tech startup, they envision a bunch of dudes in the break room wearing virtual reality headsets chugging Red Bull at 3 am. This stereotypical version of a tech startup exists somewhere, but that’s not us.

We have no Foosball table, we don’t drink energy drinks all day (well, unless you count good coffee and tea), and we don’t sit around playing video games and high-fiving. 

That’s not to say that working at KaiNexus isn’t awesome, though. KaiNexus people are passionate people who love coming to work each day; they love the challenge of solving difficult problems. They love being able to see their ideas come to life and help mold the future of our company and product. They love learning new things. A common answer to a ‘can you do….?' or 'have you done….?’ question, is 'Not yet.’

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This is exemplified when we were thinking of adding a mobile app to our product repertoire. No one on our team had ever built one before. Instead of responding with ‘I don’t know how to do that.’ or ‘lets look at outsourcing this…’, our team was excited about the prospect of doing something new and jumped at the chance. Within a week we had an approach and the necessary tools in place. Within a month we had a prototype being tested on our phones. At KaiNexus, being technically proficient isn’t enough. What makes us great is a unique combination of skills, intelligence, a can-do attitude, and an inherent curiosity to keep pushing ourselves to get better.


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The biggest differences I have noticed when comparing our company to larger companies are the pace, the variety, and the impact. By pace, I don’t mean working extremely long hours in an unending uphill climb. Rather, we work quickly and efficiently with a minimal amount of bureaucracy.

This allows us to collaboratively design concepts, develop and create a prototype or solution, and quickly start positively impacting our customers by improving on or creating new features. By reducing waste in our process, we get more done in less time, allowing us to maintain healthy work-life balances.

With respect to variety, we expect our employees to be comfortable wearing many hats. Working at a small company is not a perfect fit for everyone. Many people like playing a well-defined role where their day to day responsibilities are clear and unchanging. Our team members are encouraged to learn new things, challenge themselves, and find creative solutions to problems.

At KaiNexus, by being a small and agile company, the variety of tasks, assignments, and roles are fluid and evolving. We don’t have our development team making sales calls, but it’s not out of the ordinary to interact and work with other departments on a regular basis.

Lastly, the impact we make drives us. In larger companies, you can easily get the feeling that what you work on is a small cog in a big wheel and your contribution, while important, is small and does not have a lot of visibility. At KaiNexus, each person, no matter where they are in their career, has a huge opportunity to contribute to the success of our company, the success of our product, and ultimately the success of our customers.

At KaiNexus, each of us makes a difference every day.  We truly believe in what we are doing and that we are making the world a better place.

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