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5 Reasons Jamie Flinchbaugh Is Awesome

Posted by Maggie Millard

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Mar 11, 2015 1:44:00 PM

JamieJamie Flinchbaugh is a lean author, speaker, and advisor. He co-founded the Lean Learning Center, and has advised companies such as Intel, Harley-Davidson, Crayola, BMW, and Amazon. Jamie continues to share his experiences as a columnist for IndustryWeek and blogger (JamieFlinchbaugh.com). He has helped build almost 20 companies as either a co-founder, board member, advisor, or angel investor. These companies range from high performance motorcycles to SaaS tools for supply chain management. He holds degrees from Lehigh University, University of Michigan, and MIT, and continues to teach and mentor on campus. 

That's a pretty impressive laundry list of accomplishments! Here are 5 reasons more reasons that we think Jamie's so awesome:

  1. He's doing a webinar for us next week

    One reason we love Jamie is that he’s doing sharing his expert advice in a webinar for us, our customers, and our friends on Tuesday March 17 titled “How to Drive Improvement Behaviors to Increase Performance Gains” (click here to register). Seriously, go register now before you forget. I'm so excited to have Jamie as a guest presenter. 

  2. He supports our work

    Another reason we love Jamie is that he’s a trusted advisor to us and an investor in the company. We believe passionately in our mission to empower employees to make daily improvements, and anyone who believes in that mission is a friend!

  3. He writes great books 

    Jamie’s first book was The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lean: Lessons from the Road. The book has almost exclusively 5-star reviews on Amazon, indicating that I'm not the only person who thinks he’s awesome and has a lot to share. He has also self published an eBbook called A3 Problem Solving: Applying Lean Thinking (also available on Amazon).

  4. He isn't boring

    Jamie is also an engaging speaker, as you can see here in a talk that’s covering different content than our upcoming webinar:

  5. He's a Lean Podcast series star

    The Lean podcast series is hosted by our own Mark Graban. Jamie's been featured on it several times - 

    You can listen to episodes including:

    Episode #5: (9/12/06)  The language of “waste”

    Episode #6: (9/18/06)  Focused on leadership’s role in waste reduction

    Episode #10: (11/21/06) Educating top leadership about Lean

    Episode #64: (3/5/09) Coaching

    Geez, it’s been a while. Maybe Mark and Jamie should do another podcast together.

Want to hear Jamie live? On March 17, Jamie will be giving a webinar with us about how to drive improvement behaviors in your organization to increase performance gains. Sign up now!

Webinar signup: How to drive improvement behaviors to increase performance gains

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