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KaiNexpert Fair 2022

Posted by Morgan Wright

Jun 2, 2022 1:41:00 PM


Our KaiNexus customers joined us last week for our annual KaiNexicon User Conference. Although there are many perks to attending, such as enjoying sunny, Austin, geeking out with other Lean folks, and seeing the famous Austin Bats, one of the main reasons customers attend is because, at KaiNexicon, you're guaranteed to learn how to do things you didn't even know were possible with the platform and come away with tons of ideas for the future. 

One session we use to introduce people to a lot of concepts at once is the KaiNexpert Fair. We had KaiNexperts lead 10 different product tables this year, providing hands-on learning about various KaiNexus app areas.

Here are the topics we dove into at the 2022 KaiNexpert Fair:

Tiered Huddles

Tiered huddles are a system in which brief, focused meetings occur across an organization. In huddles, important information is shared in a transparent manner allowing every person to understand the goals & challenges of the day. Huddles are empowered to escalate issues and concerns to the appropriate level of leadership that is equipped to solve the identified problem.

One of the primary benefits of doing Tiered Huddles in KaiNexus is that you give teams across the organization a standard way to organize and discuss improvement. Using the location filter, each location can pull in the relevant information onto the board for their team without needing to make anything custom.

Download Tiered Huddles in KaiNexus to see other ways you can use Tiered Huddles.

Prioritization Schemes

Having too many ideas in KaiNexus is a good problem to have and can be solved by implementing various prioritization schemes. KaiNexus allows multiple ways for you to implement prioritization schemes, including PICK Charts, Voting, Attributes, and Weighted Scores.

Download Prioritization Schemes to see how your organization can prioritize in KaiNexus.

Ongoing KaiNexus Management Board

We believe that your success comes from a long-term commitment to spreading an improvement culture. Our team partners with you to facilitate success over the long run with regular strategy sessions to keep a continuous feedback loop open.

One common Board we recommend to ensure you get the most out of your partnership with us is the Ongoing KaiNexus Management board. Working with your Customer Success Manager directly in KaiNexus streamlines your communication with our team. The Ongoing KaiNexus Management dashboard gives visibility into what we’re working on together, the health of your account, and upcoming meetings.

Download Ongoing KaiNexus Management to see everything that’s included on the Board.

Keeping it SIMPLE: Engaging the Front Lines

Who has the best ideas about improving processes on the front lines? The people doing the work, of course. What’s the best way to get your front lines engaged? Keep. It. Simple. KaiNexus provides an intuitive platform that can be customized to give each person just the right information and responsibility so that everyone at any level can participate in improvement.

Download Keeping it SIMPLE: Engaging the Front Line to see how you can simplify your users' KaiNexus experience.

Unify Your Organization with Branding

When it comes to adopting a new tool, personalizing the look and feel of KaiNexus for your Users promotes brand cohesion within your organization and system adoption. The KaiNexus Branding Module allows you to customize Reports, Templates, and icon colors and use custom logos and icons.

Download KaiNexus Branding to see everything you can customize with the Branding Module.

Setting Up KaiNexus for Executives

The foundation of every good improvement culture is engaged leadership. Optimizing KaiNexus for the needs of executives will ensure that they can participate efficiently and effectively. Executives can exert a powerful influence over an improvement culture by simply engaging with managers and frontline employees in KaiNexus. One way to build your executive’s habit of visiting and working through KaiNexus is to implement an executive dashboard. This board provides visibility into the health of your improvement culture at a quick glance.

Download Anatomy of Executive Dashboards to see what type of Cards and Reports you can include on your executive board.

KaiNexus Badges

One successful way we know encourages employee engagement is through the use of gamification. Badges are one example of how KaiNexus uses gamification to encourage engagement with the platform and in your improvement culture at large. KaiNexus Badges are virtual icons that symbolize rewards given to users for their achievements, thus promoting a desired set of actions in the platform. 

We offer both Universal and Custom Badges, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have questions about these.

Download KaiNexus Badges to learn more about our Custom Badges.

Strategy Deployment in KaiNexus

Strategy Deployment is a Lean methodology for aligning strategy, measures, and improvement efforts across an entire organization. This means that every person from the front-line staff to senior executives understands the organization’s primary goals and strives to reach those goals through continuous improvement activities, both large and small.

In KaiNexus, this means creating Interactive X-Matrices and Strategy Dashboards to support these efforts. The visualization and organization of the strategy, goals, and improvement activities all play critical roles in a successful deployment.

Download Strategy Deployment in KaiNexus to learn more about the benefits of using X-Matrices in KaiNexus and how you can build a Strategy Dashboard.

Map Your Workflows

Your Workflow is a visual representation of the way the elements of your work originate, progress, and are completed in KaiNexus. Mapping out your Workflows will help you be mindful, and detail-oriented in visualizing your Improvement work. 

Download Map Your Workflows to draw out your workflows!

Building KaiNexus Habits

No matter what you do, it's important to have good habits in place in order to be successful. In KaiNexus, this is no exception. A few good habits you can practice to be successful in KaiNexus include reviewing your digest email, adding "put it in KaiNexus" reminders for your team, and having your Leaders comment, like, and acknowledge Items to signal support and promote engagement. 

Download KaiNexus Habits to check out more good habits to make you successful in KaiNexus.


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