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5 Reasons Why You Can't Miss the 2022 KaiNexus User Conference

Posted by Morgan Wright

Apr 18, 2022 9:00:00 AM

The 2022 KaiNexus User Conference is right around the corner! We have a packed lineup of our best customers getting ready to show you the most unique, engaging, and clever things we’ve ever seen people do in KaiNexus. Whether you’re a long-time customer, you just started working with us, or you’re deciding whether to sign up, you can’t miss this event.

Here are 5 reasons why you'll want to attend:

You’ll Leave with Actionable Takeaways, Guaranteed

It's been two long years since the last time we hosted our User Conference. We are over the moon that we can all come together to host KaiNexicon again!

That’s why this year’s conference is two and a half days packed full of customers sharing the innovative ways they’re using KaiNexus (plus our bonus Training session on Wednesday afternoon!).

The release of KaiNexus version 3.0 early this year sparked inspiring conversations with each of our customers as we explored the possibilities that are now possible. Release 3.0 not only gave the platform a UI facelift, but we also dramatically improved the functionality of KaiNexus. Now KaiNexus is even more configurable, and our customers continue to surprise us with innovative ways to use features. Usually, it's up to you to develop new ways to configure your instance. Although we try to share best practices with you that we've learned from other customers - sometimes it's hard to get down to what you really need. 

That's why at KaiNexicon, we want you to hear from as many customers as you can. Our top customers will dive into exactly what they’re doing in KaiNexus, what they've done well, not so well, and what they have learned through it all. You’ll come out of there with a ton of new ideas to take home and apply to your KaiNexus immediately! 

Connect with Other's in the Lean Community 

The people who come to this conference believe that technology is a critical component of a thriving improvement culture. These are the people you want in your network! There is literally no other conference you could go to that has attendees with this narrow interest, focusing on precisely what you’re trying to do in your organization.

You’re coming here to meet and learn from people who have been in your position and are uniquely qualified to give you actionable advice on solving your toughest challenges. There will be plenty of networking opportunities, including during our evening social event where we present our coveted Nexie Awards!

You’ve Already Made the Investment

Your company has made a serious investment in KaiNexus, but I’d be willing to bet that there’s still a lot of untapped potential. You can do so many things with KaiNexus - so many parts of your improvement process that we make easier - that I’m sure there's something to learn. Every customer has unique use cases, configurations, workflows, templates, boards, etc. KaiNexus customers do so many different things in the system - from virtual team huddles to strategic deployment to Gemba walks and everything in between - you'll have the opportunity to learn a little something from everyone. 

Come be inspired. You’re already paying for KaiNexus; you may as well make the most of what you already have access to.

Hear from Lean Experts

We are excited to announce our two incredible Keynote speakers joining us this year - Deondra Wardelle and Mark Graban!

 A visionary leader and speaker, Deondra Wardelle specializes in empowering individuals and corporate groups through strategic visioning to achieve goals and sustain transformative change. Deondra launched On To the Next One Consulting, LLC, to serve as a strategic partner and cultural change agent. Deondra’s vision is to help organizations and individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their grandest goals – one step at a time.

Mark Graban is an internationally-recognized author, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. Mark is the author of the book "Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Engagement" and is co-author of a second book, titled “Healthcare Kaizen: Engaging Front-Line Staff in Sustainable Continuous Improvements.” Both books are recipients of the prestigious Shingo Research Award, and "Lean Hospitals" has been translated into eight languages. 

Stay tuned for their Keynote topics!

It’s in Austin

Do yourself a favor. Don’t start a diet right before you come to this conference. Austin might be the Music Capital of the World, but as far as I’m concerned, it is first and foremost the BBQ Capital of the World. The conference venue is in downtown Austin, right off Lady Bird Lake, with a ton of things to eat, see, and do within easy walking distance. Come for the conference… extend your stay for the city. Don't forget to check out our special "KaiNexus Guide to Austin" before your trip!

There are plenty more reasons to join us at KaiNexicon...but you'll just have to come to find out!

Registration ends at the end of April! Register now.

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