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The Lowdown on KaiNexues Badges

Posted by Becca Millard

Aug 1, 2018 2:38:00 PM

We’ve found that even a small, simple reward can inspire people and keep them engaged with their organization’s Lean efforts. You can’t congratulate everyone in person, but a little recognition goes a long way.

In that spirit, our Badge module allows you to add emblems customized to your organization’s precise needs and award them - or have them automatically awarded - to anyone who meets their requirements.

If you’re interested in the Badge module, reach out to your Customer Experience Lead for more information.

How do I award manually grantable Badges?

If you have the Global Badge Administrator and the Global User Administrator permission and your organization has at least one manually grantable Badge built, you can edit any user’s profile and add the correct Badges to the new “Badges” field.

You can even add, remove, or replace several user’s Badges at once with our bulk editing functionality.

For more information on editing and bulk editing users, check out this support document.


When a person is awarded a Badge, it will immediately be added to their profile. But if you want them to also receive an email about it, we can set that up, too! You can offer your congratulations and explain how exactly they earned that Badge.

Badge notifications

This is a great way of making sure people stay engaged with continuous improvement - you can be sure that they’re aware of their reward - and who doesn’t like seeing that they’ve gotten some positive recognition?

Show off your team’s Badges

One of my favorite things about Badges is that you can add them to any People List Card on your Boards so that everyone can see how awesome your team is!

All you have to do is configure the Card’s view settings and add the “Badges” column. Then every Badge each person has earned will be displayed alongside their name for everyone to see. It’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Badge Award

You can also add a “Badges” column to the “People” page so that you can quickly get a feel for which areas are highly engaged and which might need more coaching.

Some ideas for cool Badges

There’s really an infinite number of manually grantable Badges and dozens of configurations for automatically granted Badges, but here are just a few ideas:

  • Submitted First Improvement

    This is a good way of welcoming new users - or existing users who are just starting to get involved - into the improvement world.

    Once they submit their first Improvement, they’re awarded this permanent Badge so that everyone can see that they’re getting involved.

  • Kaizen Burst

    This badge can call out users for actively participating in improvement work in short amounts of time. Grant this badge to users for submitting three improvements in one week.

  • 1 Improvement per Month

    This is a great one to keep people motivated to continue looking for opportunities for improvement and logging them in KaiNexus.

    You can set the Badge to be automatically revoked from a user if a month passes without them submitting a new Improvement.

  • Project Leader

    Recognize users who lead their first project to completion.

  • HIPAA Certified

    This is an important manually grantable Badge for anyone working in the healthcare industry.

    After a year, your Badge Admins can revoke the Badge from a user and generate an automated email reminding them to go through HIPAA training again. By acknowledging  training in KaiNexus like this, you maintain a record of who has what training, without having to dig through external records.

  • Project, Improvement, or Task Specific Badges

    If you have a specific type of workflow that you want to create a recognition system around, KaiNexus can help with customization.

    Grant custom badges for completing classroom events, going on a waste walk, or implementing improvements with associated impact. There are tons of possibilities to encourage user participation and motivate by recognition. 


That’s just a few examples, but we’d love to hear your ideas and about what Badges you’re using to celebrate your organization’s team!

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