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Check Out What's New in KaiNexus 2.1.3

Posted by Becca Millard

Feb 28, 2017 10:34:45 AM

Our development team has been crazy busy these last few weeks to bring you 33 new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Check out these highlights:


Chart Card Configuration

Our customers love filling their Boards with Chart Cards that display key metrics and important information, but one thing was missing - the chart’s legend!

You can now edit the Card’s view to include the legend and can even pick where exactly it goes - along the top or bottom of the chart or on either side. If you have a lot of series on the chart and pick to display the legend at the top or bottom of the Card, you’ll be able to scroll horizontally to see all the series.

You can check or uncheck each series on the Card to control which series are shown on the chart. You can make this change permanent so that everyone looking at the Board will see what you want them to see from the Chart View window, or you can make the change temporarily from the Card itself.

Note that you need to be able to edit the Board to permanently configure the Card.

Incident Reporting

If you’ve been looking for a way to digitally support your Incident Reporting efforts, you’re about to be very happy. With our latest release, we’ve introduced a new Incident Reporting add-on!

When this add-on is turned on, an Incidents tab will be added to the left navigation bar and to Project and an “Incidents” permission section will be added to the Role configuration screen. You’ll also be able to create users with a new status: Incident Only.

"Incident Only" users can log into the system like an Active user, but they can only submit Incidents and can only see those Incidents which they submitted or for which they are Followers.

We’ve even created a new date & time field so that you can record exactly when an Incident took place.

To learn more about the Incident Reporting Add-On, reach out to your customer experience lead.

“View” Permissions

In this release, we’ve changed what people can see in the system. Before, any person could see any Improvement, Project, or Chart unless it was made Private. Now, a person will need the permission to see Projects, Improvements, Charts, (or Incidents). This increases the ability to configure KaiNexus to best suit your needs. Now there are a few new Role permissions that determine which items a user is permitted to see.

The new “View” permissions are:

  • “View” gives a user permission to view any public Improvements, Projects, and/or Charts within the selected Location(s) that are not in the new status. These users cannot see private Improvements.

  • “View New” gives a user permission to view any of other users’ public Improvements - including ones in the new status - within the selected Location(s). These users cannot see private Improvements.

  • “View Private” gives a user permission to view all of other users’ private Improvements, Projects, and/or Charts within the selected Location(s). These users cannot see other people’s public Improvements.

Here are some examples of how you can use this update:

  • This will allow you to create a “Guest” Type user that can only see items for which they are on the Team.

  • You could have a Location where the people in it cannot see anything outside their Location.

  • You can also have a Location that can submit a particular Improvement or Project Type that can only be seen by a person in that Location.  

Those are the highlights, but there’s a lot more for you to explore. What new features are you most looking forward to using?

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