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New Features & Enhancements in KaiNexus 2.3.4

Posted by Ryan Rippey

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May 9, 2019 8:42:00 AM

April showers bring May flowers, and they also bring new KaiNexus improvements... 67 to be exact, as part of our 2.3.4 release!

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:




Introducing Voting! You can now vote on a group of items for prioritization. For Projects with voting enabled there will be a new voting panel added to the template where Project leaders may set the number of times people can vote and provide a group of nested items for team members to prioritize. Any of those nested items on the Voting Project will be eligible to be voted on, assuming you are a part of the team on that Project. Look out for the Voting icon in the top left of those nested items that can be voted on.


Voting on a Project


Attributes & Number Fields Within AdHoc

Attribute and Number Fields can now be added to Adhoc Fields. This allows you to further define the type of response needed within cells.

People Filter Within Item Filter

We have combined our two most powerful filters, the People Filter and Item Filter. You can now filter by items and specific user profile details such as roles, badges, and even user status at the same time. For example you can now search for ideas from inactivate users. This will help to further refine your Lists and Reports.

People Filters within Items


Report Enhancements 

We have unified Reports by combining the Improvement and Project Reports in the Activity Reports section, which also now allows the ability to report on Tasks and Charts. In addition, all Activity, Engagement, Impact and Attribute Reports can now be added as a Card to Boards, giving you even more ways to create and customize Boards for your staff and leaders.

Attribute Enhancements

It is now easier to manage Attributes relevant to your Location! Add a Location to an Attribute to help users quickly access the Attributes relevant to their workflow. This feature is great for organizations with a complex Network structure in KaiNexus. When using the Item Filter, Your Location’s Attributes will be displayed at the top of the list, separate from all other Attribute Types in the system.  

You now also have the ability to add Attributes to your Network. Perhaps you live in one Location of the Network but oversee various other Locations. Tagging Network Locations with an Attribute helps to further filter and report on the metrics of those Locations that pertain to you. These Network Attributes will be visualized with a Location map marker icon when using the Item Filter.


Make sure to check out the full 2.3.4 release notes on our support site at support.kainexus.com. If you have any questions or need assistance with configuration, be sure to reach out to your CE lead. Until Kai-next time, this has been your Senior Customer Enablement Manager, Ryan Rippey, keep improving everyone!


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