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A Quick Overview of KaiNexus 2.4.2

Posted by Brianna Hudock

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Feb 7, 2020 6:15:00 AM

New year, new KaiNexus! As our first release of 2020, January's Version 2.4.2 started this fresh year off on the right foot.

Here are some of our favorite new features (or check out the full release notes here):


Control/Bowling Chart Enhancements:

Control Charts have become their own Chart type! Create averages, upper and lower limits, and rules to notify people when there’s a signal that the system has changed and is worth investigating or worth understanding. Control charts are a great way to better understand the cause and effect relationship between improvement efforts and performance.

Charts have received a makeover. The options when creating Data Series on a Chart are now simpler and easier to use and you can now create Thresholds, Bowling and Control Limits directly from the Edit Data series area.

You can now view Threshold Charts in Bowling View and vice versa.


If you have Global Board Admin Permission and Global User Admin permission, you can now use Bulk Change to edit the Default Board of multiple users on a People List.

We’ve also added new options to the People filter, so now you can filter users by Created Date, Last Login Date, Last Updated Date, and whether or not they have been activated.




You now have the option to copy an X-Matrix Card.



Default Digest/Subscription Time: You now have the ability to set the digest and subscription time at the organization level. This will be used as default when creating new users.

Subscription Setting


Advanced ROI: You now have the ability to lock Forecast / Target Resolutions, so they cannot be edited when an item enters a certain status.

Submit for Approval: The Assigner of an item can now "Submit for Approval" on any Resolution, even if Responsible and Assigner are the same person.

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