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X-Matrices & Other Updates in The Latest KaiNexus Release

Posted by Becca Millard

May 2, 2017 11:26:54 AM

Our development team has been hard at work, and even though it's only been 19 days since our last release, we couldn't hold this one back any longer! This KaiNexus update has an exciting, brand new feature, as well as some real time saving improvements making it easier to manage tasks and scale projects.

Keep reading for more details and links to the support articles!




X-matrix-1.jpgX-Matrix Card

Many organizations conducting a formal Hoshin Kanri or Strategy Deployment process utilize an X-Matrix to develop and implement tactical and strategic plans, coordinated across people throughout the organization. This type of approach promotes organizational learning, faster corrections, and breaks down silos.

The new X-Matrix Card lets you add your X-Matrices to any Board in KaiNexus! Having your X-Matrix in KaiNexus makes it interactive, as you can open any of the related work from the X-Matrix itself.

Because not everyone uses X-Matrices and we don’t want to clutter up your system, the X-Matrix feature is disabled by default. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to turn on this feature.


Include Project's & Improvement's Tasks when Copying Them

You’ve been able to copy a Project or Improvement in KaiNexus for a long time - you just need to be able to access the item you want to copy and have permission to create that kind of Project or Improvement. But with the latest release, we’ve added a key improvement to this feature; you can now include the Project or Improvement’s Tasks when copying it.

This is a real time saver if you’re building a frequent list!

To include the Project or Improvement’s Tasks in your copy, go through the copying process as normal. On the “Copy” window, check the box labeled “Include Copies of Tasks” to copy the Tasks as well, or leave this box unchecked to exclude the list of Tasks from your copy.


Plan and Defer Tasks

Another longstanding feature is the ability to plan and defer Improvements. Planned Improvements are those that you intend to implement later; deferred Improvements are those that you’ll decide whether or not to implement at a later date.

With this latest release, you can now do the same for Tasks! Just pick “Plan” or “Defer” from the Task’s action bar to transfer it to your desired status.

Kind of a no-brainer, right?!

Edit Tasks in Bulk

We recently got some interesting feedback from one of our clients - he wanted to be able to select multiple Tasks on a Project or Improvement and complete them all at once. We thought that was a great idea, so we ran with it.

Now, you can quickly edit key information on several Tasks at once. You can edit the Tasks’ due date, change the Assignee, or plan, complete, or defer them. Note that if you attempt to edit the due date of Tasks with no due date set, those Tasks will not be updated.

Bulk Edit Tasks.jpg

These are only some of the great changes we’ve made; there’s still lots more for you to explore. What new features are you most looking forward to using?


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