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How to Set Up a COVID-19 Response Dashboard in KaiNexus

Posted by Maggie Millard

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Apr 2, 2020 5:41:16 PM

In the COVID-19 era, companies around the world are struggling to meet changing demands, ensure the safety of their staff, and keep their businesses afloat. Hospitals, in particular, are feeling that strain (or will be soon). While some hospitals are more prepared for crisis situations than others, no one feels prepared for the influx of patients they’re about to receive. From staffing concerns to limited protective gear and overcrowded facilities, this is a scary time to be a healthcare professional. 

One of our healthcare customers reached out last week with a request for help putting together a COVID-19 Response Dashboard to better track vital information, and we thought we’d be remiss to not share it with the rest of you. Perhaps you can learn from it and get some ideas for your own COVID-19 Response Dashboard. 

Contact your Account Manager for help setting up a similar to help your organization manage your COVID-19 response. We’ll help you tailor it to meet your specific needs. As the owner of the board in this example says, “You don’t need this until you need it, and then you’ve got to go fast.” Even if you don’t need this board yet, we’d love to help you get it ready now. 

While the example provided here is a healthcare organization, we know that every company is being affected by this pandemic and needs to get key information and improvements to the right people quickly. For example, check out how this Texas grocery chain has managed their response. Continuous improvement is always important for organizations to adapt quickly. Being able to capture, implement, measure and share improvements directly relates to the COVID-19 response is critical at this time.

This board contains the information that the organization’s leadership team needs to know in real-time. The customer has this board displayed on a smart board in their Command Center, to increase visibility and make it readily acceptable. Prior to setting this up, their Process Excellence team collected this data in emails and spreadsheets, making it exceedingly difficult to collate and visualize key data.

Another benefit of tracking this data in KaiNexus is that it’s accessible by employees that are working from home (including those that are quarantined). For example, this customer’s VP of Nursing is quarantined at home, but can still keep an eye on what’s happening because it’s in KaiNexus. Their team meets each morning to review the data, whether they’re in the hospital or not.

The board in this example is set up using basic KaiNexus functionality with the assistance of our Account Management team. We can help you adapt any of these elements to suit your needs. 

The first board we’ll look at is the COVID-19 Response Dashboard:

Covid19 Board

This tracks:

  • COVID19 Board 2Employee Data (the health status of employees - how many are sick, how many are quarantined, etc.)

  • Supplies (how many ventilators, bi-paps, and collection swabs do they have at each location?)

  • PPE Supplies (how many days of each material do they have on hand?)

  • Sick Employees (look for a trend in employee illness)

  • Track Testing Numbers (in response to Governor’s request to report this data)

  • Track State Data (number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths)

  • Track National Data  (number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths)

The second board created for COVID-19 response contains all of their action items, sorted in cards by the eight objectives that drive their team.


Using these two boards, they’re able to easily pull up the vital information needed to complete government forms.

The information tracked by this hospital might not be relevant to you - but the flexibility of the KaiNexus platform means that we’ll be able to help you show whatever you need to see.

Reach out to your Account Manager for help configuring your own custom COVID-19 Response Dashboard and improve the way you manage crisis situations.


For more COVID-19 info, check out KaiNexus COVID-19 Central. There's lots of useful stuff on there, including blog posts, resources recommendations, and webinars!


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