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Need to Fire up Innovation In Your Organization? Use Idea Software.

Posted by Greg Jacobson

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May 23, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Unleash the Untapped Potential of Your Employees

10175215463_e2e927a606_mYour employees are the most valuable resource in your organization, but it's difficult to harness their creative potential. Without a system to capture their ideas and see them through to implementation, all of that potential can drift away without ever seeing the light of day.

Idea software fosters and encourages a vibrant culture of continuous improvement.

Let Their Light Shine

Oftentimes, people feel pigeon-holed based on their department or job title. Idea software helps them break free of that mold by encouraging suggestions to come from any source. The fact is that your employees have skills and expertise beyond the scope of their specific duties, and the best ideas can come from the most unexpected places.

Ease of Submission

Don't let an employee's bright idea fall by the wayside simply because they don't know where to go with it. Idea software makes it easy for them to submit an opportunity that goes directly to their manager. It's electronically documented to ensure that it doesn't fall through the cracks as it might with email or an old-school "suggestion box."

Transparency of Operation

Even if employees manage to get an idea submitted, they may feel discouraged if they don't see any action resulting from it. With idea software available to all and simple to use, they can see exactly how their ideas are being addressed and the accountability that goes along with it.

Incremental Improvement

A goal like "improve sales" is too vague and unwieldy. It can result in your employees becoming too intimidated, believing that such a task is beyond their scope of contribution. With idea software you can break large goals down into bite-sized pieces that are more tangible and approachable. With the success of each incremental improvement, they'll be able to see just how the bottom line benefits from the cumulative effects. This will encourage them to look for smaller, easily manageable opportunities in the context of your company's major goals.

The Power of Recognition

Seeing ideas recognized and appreciated is often a more powerful motivator than financial incentives. People want to believe that they make a difference. Showing them that they do allows them to internalize their value as a useful member of your organization. Software provides a system of online recognition, awarding virtual badges and displaying profiles of associates showing their individual contributions. You can also use this information as a basis for more formal acknowledgements such as monthly awards or annual ceremonies.

Innovation as a Self-Sustaining Quality

Idea software turns each opportunity into a complete cycle of identification, action, implementation and recognition. As your employees see the documentation of their success a momentum will build, creating an environment where they feel empowered to build on that success while seeking out new opportunities. The result is a self-sustaining cycle of continuous improvement.

In today's highly competitive environment, your company can't afford to stand still. But that's exactly what will happen if you don't engage your brightest and most capable employees in a focused effort. Idea software provides the platform from which you can build an culture of continuous improvement.

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