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Free eBook Download! Moving Forward: From Suggestion Boxes to KaiNexus

Posted by Maggie Millard

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Jul 29, 2014 11:12:00 AM

2852994074_94891ae6a9We spend a lot of time at KaiNexus talking to people about the strategies they've tried when pursuing a culture of continuous improvement. One of the most common methods we hear about is a traditional suggestion box.

People are often surprised when their suggestion box fails to engage employees and promote lasting, impactful change in the organization... but we're not. 

Suggestion boxes fail for a variety of reasons, ranging from poor leadership engagement to few idea submissions. KaiNexus solves all of those typical problems through a variety of features that get more people engaged in improvement efforts through improved communication and transparency, resulting in the implementation of more opportunities for improvement.

Download this free eBook to learn about:

  • The origin of the suggest box system
  • Top reasons suggestion boxes fail
  • How KaiNexus solves all of those problems to create a sustainable culture of continuous improvement

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