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We Are Dr. Greg Jacobson & Mark Graban from KaiNexus, Ask Us Anything!

Posted by Maggie Millard

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Nov 10, 2015 7:35:00 AM

If you've been on the interwebs for a while, you might have run across the website Reddit, "the front page of the internet." Be careful, you might get drawn in and waste a lot of time -- or you might learn something (or your organization blocks the site).

A popular feature on Reddit is the "Ask Me Anything" or AMA series.

These are often hosted by celebrities taking questions (like Jerry Seinfeld), political leaders (like President Obama), and the more obscure people who have interesting jobs or experiences (like this Nobel Prize winner). 

The people who read the site ("Redditors") submit questions to be answered.

You may be aware by now that we host a really popular monthly webinar series here at KaiNexus. At the end of the webinars, in true continuous improvement style, we ask attendees what we can do better next time. Every month we hear that we should include more time for Q&A at the end. We can't do that in every webinar, because we'd run out of time to share the webinar materials with you. Here's what we've come up with, so that you can get all of your burning questions answered once and for all!

These two guys aren't presidents or Nobel Prize winners, but they sure do know a lot about how to spread improvement, and they're willing to answer your questions in a webinar we're hosting this Thursday:


Register for Ask Us Anything to get your questions answered by Mark Graban and Greg Jacobson

  • Dr. Greg Jacobson, CEO and a Co-Founder of KaiNexus.  Greg is an emergency medicine physician who has a passion for spreading improvement - hence founding a software company with that as its driving mission. He currently moonlights as an ER doctor to stay connected with the world he works by day to improve. There's tons you could ask him.
  • Mark Graban is our VP of Improvement Services and he was the "third wheel" to join the company after our co-founders Greg and Matt. He's been "practicing Lean" for 20 years, equal time in manufacturing in healthcare. He's written two books and went to MIT. He's our go-to guy for PI advice, and we're offering up his brain for you to pick.

So.... ask them anything!

When you register for the webinar, you'll have a chance to submit questions to be answered by Mark and Greg. 


Come up with some fun, interesting, and challenging questions... ask them anything! (For some ideas, try browsing through our library of recorded past webinars.)

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