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Henry Schneider

Henry Schneider is an EmpowerMentor, a seasoned CIO/CTO coach and mentor with over 30 years experience as a systems engineer, project manager, developer, trainer, consultant, and High Maturity Lead Appraiser, including software quality and process improvement services (Quality Circles, TQM, ISO 9000, CMMI, and Operational Excellence) who empowers his clients with the skills, knowledge, and recommendations to resolve complex business process issues. He is a CMMI Institute-certified SCAMPI High Maturity Lead Appraiser (Acquisition (ACQ), Development (DEV), and Services (SVC)) and a CMMI Institute-certified instructor for Introduction to CMMI classes (ACQ, DEV, and SVC). Henry works with large and small domestic and international companies (consulting, commercial, government, electric power, aerospace, product software, finance, insurance, health care, data communications, railway, and telecommunications organizations), providing business integration; change management; program/project management; business processes; software selection, integration, and implementation support; stakeholder management; KPI development and dashboard creation; mission, values, and goals development and facilitation; and quantitative performance management consulting and appraisal services. One of his core strengths is the ability to rapidly identify improvements to enhance business practices. He has also trained professionals domestically and internationally on Quantitative Performance Analysis, Requirements Engineering, Configuration Management, Reviews and Inspections, Measurement and Analysis, Project Management, Risk Management, Process Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Testing. Henry is a member of the CMMI Institute’s Partner Advisory Board. Clients include: ABN Amro, Accenture, American National Insurance, American Systems, Baker Hughes, Bayer, BellSouth, Boeing, Bombardier, China Unicom, Eastern Maine Healthcare System, General Motors, GM Electromotive, NARI Group, Kedong, KLA Tencor, Kodak, LG, McKesson, Newdoone, Oceaneering, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Republic of Korea Air Force, Samsung Thales, Sprint, State of Mississippi, Unilever, Unisys, United Space Alliance, USAA, etc.
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The Key to Successful Process Improvement

Posted by Henry Schneider

Nov 30, 2016 8:12:00 AM

The key to successful process improvement and change is commitment from management at all levels in the organization.

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Topics: Leadership, Improvement Culture

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