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6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Continuous Improvement Software

Posted by Jeff Roussel

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May 13, 2014 9:59:00 AM

Streamline Your Improvement Process

51722696_3f6fc66ff0_mAre you resisting the idea of implementing continuous improvement software for your company? Achieving your organization's goals requires constant evaluation and adjustment.  Software streamlines the improvement process just as it does for other departments, such as finance and procurement. Surely your company's improvement is worth the same investment you put into these other areas.

Consider these reasons why you need a continuous improvement software solution. Some of them may surprise you, but they're all relevant no matter what your company goals are. You might even find the answer to an issue that's been a particular problem for your organization.

  1. Managing improvement opportunities can become unwieldy. Valuable time is often consumed simply coordinating team members, assigning activities and sharing resources. Software platforms can accommodate projects of any size from those involving one associate all the way up to large groups of team members, matching the workflow to the complexity of the problem to facilitate project operations.
  2. Despite the best intentions of all involved, communication sometimes falls by the wayside. Notifications get missed or team members are inadvertently left off of critical communications. Take this time-consuming function off your employees' plates with continuous improvement software. Instead of a steady chain of emails, appropriate personnel receive a daily digest of all news and updates.
  3. Continuous improvement software lets you harness the power of your biggest asset: your employees. It provides a simple, effective way for them to offer suggestions that are immediately routed to the appropriate leader for review. Their contributions receive built-in recognition, giving them additional incentive to strive for excellence. When associates feel valued, they're more likely to internalize your company's goals and activities.
  4. Some projects flounder because there's no quantifiable way to assess the actual benefits of its activities. Projects will quickly lose steam without a solid method to demonstrate its effects. Continuous improvement software takes the guesswork out of this process, allowing key personnel to create reports and review the impact of each initiative in terms of cost, time and other savings. 
  5. Get detailed visuals to track the progress and volume of all opportunities in the system. Continuous improvement software can generate charts and graphs so leaders can see at a glance where each initiative stands. These materials also provide a searchable reference base that serves as documentation as well as background for future projects.
  6. Each opportunity becomes a self-sustaining cycle, from identification to action to resolution, including recognition of valuable participants. With each occurrence, the desire for improvement is reinforced in all areas of your organization. Your employees will become more engaged in the process and direct their energies toward continuous improvement.

Is there a company or organization anywhere that would say they don't need to improve? No matter how big or small you are, no matter what type of product or service you handle, improvement is the lifeblood of your business. Continuous improvement software makes it easier than ever to identify and implement opportunities for improvement. It's a solution that more than pays for itself with returns now and well into the future.

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