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5 Ways Change Management Software Accelerates Improvement

Posted by Maggie Millard

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Mar 11, 2016 2:18:13 PM

accelerate.jpgModern companies face the challenge of delivering results today while creating a path to sustainable growth for tomorrow in a fiercely competitive environment. Swiftly changing market conditions are forcing leaders to adapt and change more rapidly than ever before. New opportunities and threats present themselves with increasing frequency, requiring leaders, managers, and front-line employees to be flexible and collaborative.

Change management software helps organizations meet these challenges by supporting the practice of continuous improvement.  It empowers everyone from the c-suite to the front lines to contribute ideas for positive change and to get engaged in the organization’s success. Here are 5 specific ways that it helps.

#1 – Timely and Actionable Feedback

Change management software provides a common platform for every member of the team to suggest opportunities for improvement exactly when and where they find them.

There is no need to wait for someone to call a meeting or ask for suggestions. Ideas can be assessed immediately and swift action taken when warranted.

#2 – Personalized Experiences

Each person in a company has a different role and responsibilities. Change management software gives each user a way to filter information that is relevant to them uniquely.

They get a sense of how their work fits into the larger picture, but yet are able to hone in on the details they need to foster improvement in their own way.

#3 – Flattened Hierarchy

Change management solutions create direct connections between people across the organization, enabling them to avoid bureaucratic roadblocks and get improvement work done faster.

Employees can share information directly with others who need it, get their questions answered right away and seek help, and advice from subject matter experts and others who they trust.

#4 – Shared Sense of Purpose

It is easy for people to become so focused on their own work that they lose sight of the mission that should unite the team and set them to work on the same goals and objectives.

Solutions designed to support improvement help remind everyone of the larger picture and clarify how each person is contributing to the common good.

#5 -  Indication of Progress

It is very difficult for people to get excited about making incremental changes if they can’t see the impact of those changes.

When people are exposed to the results of improvements, the effort becomes more urgent and real. Witnessing successes, even small ones, opens minds up to the potential of additional improvement.

Today’s business environment is challenging, for sure. But with the right tools in place, we’re confident that most organizations are up to the task.

Change management software may be just the turbo-boost that yours needs.

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