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3 Ways You Can Celebrate International Ideas Month

Posted by Morgan Wright

Mar 2, 2023 9:10:07 AM

Many of the most important inventions and innovations started with a simple idea. With ideas, it is possible to move forward and make progress, find alternative ways of doing things, and improve our lives. But we don't always follow through on our ideas - or even share them at all - for many different reasons. What would happen if we took the chance and shared our ideas? 

That is why we celebrate International Ideas Month every March! The aim of International Ideas Month is to encourage people to recognize the potential of their ideas - no matter how small they are. By fostering a culture of open communication and idea-sharing, we can create a more inclusive and innovative community. 


Here are 3 ways you can celebrate International Ideas Month: 

  1. Brainstorm Ideas


Dedicate a huddle meeting or separate session to brainstorm ideas this month. There is no limit on what these ideas could be - encourage your team to share whatever comes to mind.

Dedicated team meetings are one of the best ways to encourage those ideas to flow. By working together, individuals can combine their strengths and expertise to develop better solutions.

Whether you dedicate a leader to submit the ideas from the brainstorming session into KaiNexus or you encourage each employee to submit their own ideas; this kind of activity will motivate people to feel comfortable and confident sharing future ideas. 

It's important that you follow up on these ideas with the person who submitted their idea - whether or not you choose to move forward with the idea, always thank them for their idea and share updates on the status of the idea.


  1. Improve Your Ideas 


We all have room to improve right? We are Continuous Improvement people after all. With a bit of time and effort, any idea can be improved on. Spend some time by yourself, or with a group, brainstorming ways to expand upon or improve an idea or two. 

Use the comment section on the Item to keep track of updates and collaborate with others while you're improving your idea.


  1. Encourage others to Participate 


Encouragement and recognition is key to maintaining a successful continuous improvement culture. By rewarding those who share ideas, this encourages those people to continue sharing their ideas and inspires others to participate as well. 

A few ways to promote recognition include: 

  • Shout out a good idea during a meeting.

  • Highlight an 'Idea of the Month' and share that with your organization in your newsletter or all-hands meeting.

  • Turn on your Universal Badges in KaiNexus to ensure those submitting ideas and participating in KaiNexus are awarded badges for that work. Create a Card that highlights those badge earners!

  • Get your executives involved! Nothing will inspire your team quite like a shoutout from the CEO. 

It's critical not to discount the importance of personal celebrations as well - choose a reward you can give yourself after submitting an idea. This will help you to create the habit of improvement work, and push you to keep sharing ideas. 

In closing, remember the importance of sharing ideas this month -  idea sharing promotes innovation, fosters collaboration, inspires personal growth, and encourages positive change. So during International Ideas Month this March, take this as the opportunity to share those ideas you've been holding back -- and see where they take you! 


Topics: Daily Improvement, Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition, Collaboration

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