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Introducing The Habit Calendar

September 28, 2023


One powerful new feature in KaiNexus that can help you in the pursuit of continuous improvement is TheHabits Calendar! In...

Using Voting to Increase Employee Engagement

July 24, 2023

This blog highlights a financial services organization that uses KaiNexus in its insurance division to support its continuous improvement...

The KaiNexus Impact at Woodfin: A Customer Success Story

June 19, 2023


Since 1977, Woodfin has served Richmond, Virginia, and the surrounding areas. They aim to be a trusted partner to their customers...

Boards by Persona: Webinar Series Recap

April 25, 2023

In our latest webinar series, Boards by Persona, our Training Team highlighted each KaiNexus Persona and examples of corresponding Board...

3 Ways You Can Celebrate International Ideas Month

March 2, 2023

Many of the most important inventions and innovations started with a simple idea. With ideas, it is possible to move forward and make...

Creating Boards in KaiNexus by Persona: Leaders

September 30, 2022

Read the recap below of the ‘Boards by Persona: Leaders’ Webinar hosted by Adam Darnell and Brittany Currier, or you can watch the...

Creating Boards in KaiNexus by Persona: Frontline

September 6, 2022

Below is a recap of the ‘Boards by Persona: Frontline’ Webinar hosted by Adam Darnell and Brittany Currier, or you can watch the recording...

How KaiNexus Uses KaiNexus

October 29, 2021

Back in 2009, when KaiNexus was born, we worked strictly in the healthcare industry. Fast forward to 2021, we partner with thousands and...

How to Increase Employee Engagement - Let's Discuss Honor Roll

October 12, 2021

Growing up, making the Honor Roll was an amazing achievement. It was your school's way of recognizing you for all your hard work. By...