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A Year in Review: Highlights of KaiNexus Development

Sneak Peek: New Features Announced at KaiNexicon 2019

Features of KaiNexus Release 2.3.6: Metrics Widgets, Reports Enhancements, and So Much More

New Features and Updates in KaiNexus 2.3.5

New Features & Enhancements in KaiNexus 2.3.4

Join Mark Graban for Upcoming Workshops on "Measures of Success"

Emojis and Gifs in KaiNexus, Oh My!

What Happens When You Submit a KaiNexus Feature Enhancement Request?

KaiNexus Release 2.3.3 Includes 53 new Improvements!

KaiNexus 2.3.2: Cost Avoidance, Impact Over Time, and So Much More

2.3.1 Release: Board Filters, Shared Data Series, User Cycle Time Reports & More!

Updates to the KaiNexus Showroom

Enhancements We've Made in the Last Year [User Conference Keynote]

2.3.0 Release: Kiosk, Chart Annotations, Impact Splitting & More!

Introducing the KaiNexus Showroom: Configuration Models & Best Practices

KaiNexus 2.2.10: ROI Projections, Weighted Scores, and More!

The Lowdown on KaiNexues Badges

How to Make a PICK Chart in KaiNexus

Introducing Standard Work Groups... and So Much More!

Identifying and Eliminating Bottlenecks with KaiNexus

How to Get More Out of KaiNexus Quick Search

Getting Started in KaiNexus - Tips for Brand New Users

How and Why You Need to Move Your Huddle Boards into KaiNexus

Meeting the Team Who Built You KaiNexus

Introducing the 2018 Nexie Categories!

Time Tracking, Threshold Charts, Goal Visualizer, and More! KaiNexus 2.2.8

When To Delete Improvements from KaiNexus (Or Not)

Highlights from the Latest KaiNexus Roundtable

The 5 Pillars of Successful Onboarding

What's Your Status?

New Features: Color Picker, New Attribute Types, Excel Importer, and More!

List Unification, Board Subscriptions, Escalation and More!

Training & Enablement with KaiNexus

Getting Technical: The Importance of Locations in KaiNexus

Attribute Reporting, Filter Refactor, Custom Layout Updates, and More! 

Rolling Out Customer Roundtables

New Cards, Configuration Options, and Chart Thumbnails - Oh My!

Avoid Intimidating Your Largest Source of Improvement Ideas, Keep it Simple!

Tracking Holiday Parties in KaiNexus, and the Kaizen Gift Ideas You've Been Looking For

The Latest and Greatest KaiNexus Updates & Features!

What's on the Roadmap for KaiNexus Development?

The Big Little Changes You Didn't Know You Needed (And Some You've Been Asking For)

What To Do with Bad Ideas

Highlights from the Past Year of KaiNexus Development

Hurricanes and Hacks: How KaiNexus is Staying Safe in a Dangerous World

The Nexie Awards, Honoring the Best and Brightest of the KaiNexus Tribe

The Great Ideas that Came from Last Year's User Conference

A Useful Overview of The New X-Matrix Feature

Bowling: From “The Big Lebowski” to Your Big Performance Improvement

Top 3 Features of Our First BOGO Release

These Are a Few of My Favorite... Reports

Streamline Communication with KaiNexus

Start Managing Incident Reporting in KaiNexus!

Why You NEED to Check Out the Latest KaiNexus Updates

New Tips and Tricks for KaiNexus Charts

Working with Pareto Charts in KaiNexus

Ideas for Creating Some Awesome Free Style Cards

My 5 Favorite Features of the Latest KaiNexus Update

Exciting Updates to the KaiNexus Mobile App!

X-Matrices & Other Updates in The Latest KaiNexus Release

What's New with the Incident Add-On?

Digital Boards and the KaiNexus Wallboard View

Top 3 Features of KaiNexus 2.1.5

How to Host Your Lean Classes in KaiNexus

Understanding The New Project Curve Report

Top 3 Features of KaiNexus 2.1.4

An Introduction Monitoring Employee Engagement with KaiNexus

Check Out What's New in KaiNexus 2.1.3

How to Set Up Strategy Deployment in KaiNexus

Top 4 Features of the Latest KaiNexus Update

Monitoring Bottlenecks in KaiNexus

Introducing: The Advanced ROI Add-On

Top 3 Features of KaiNexus Version 2.1.1

Introducing: The Calendar View

The Top KaiNexus Updates from 2016

Making Your Improvement Charts Interractive: KaiNexus Charts 2.1

Introducing: Badges

Everything You Need to Know About Milestones

Introducing Some Big Changes in KaiNexus!

Newsflash: KaiNexus Featured in CAP Today

How I Kept Track of 72 Improvements from Last Year's User Conference

Why You Need to Start Using the New Cycle Time Report

Giving Everyone Easier Access to the Improvements They Need to Know About

5 Reasons Why You Can't Miss the 2016 KaiNexus User Conference

5 Tips and Tricks to Help You Master KaiNexus

Need to Convert an Improvement into a Project? See How it Works.

Dashboards: Greasing the Wheels at St. Clair Hospital

What Boards Should I Be Putting in KaiNexus?

Checking On Your Improvement Metrics Just Got Easier

4 Things You Should Know About the 2.0 Reports

Why Aren't You Doing Your Daily Huddles with KaiNexus?

Top 6 Most Useful Cards to Include on Your KaiNexus Boards

Making the Most of Your Login Notices

3 Simple Productivity Hacks in KaiNexus

Introducing... A New Blog, Just For Our Customers!

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