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KaiNexicon 2022: Highlights and Photos

Posted by Morgan Wright

Jun 3, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Andddd that's a wrap on KaiNexicon 2022! After two long years away, we were so excited to spend time with our customers and fellow KaiNexians! Check out some special highlights below:

There's no better way to kick off KaiNexicon than with some KaiNexus swag at the registration table.


On the first official day of the conference, we took a boat cruise to see the world’s largest urban bat colony fly out from their home under the South Congress bridge at sunset - complete with live music, margaritas, and fajitas. And, of course, we presented the Nexie Awards! 

Congratulations to all our Nexie winners this year! Check out all the categories and winners here


Our favorite part about KaiNexicon has to be having all our customers in town. There’s something special about the feeling in the room when everyone shares their stories and learns from each other. This knowledge sharing means that attendees learn from others from across the world, in different industries, whom they may not have had the opportunity to learn from otherwise. Our closest attendee came from right down the road in Austin, while another traveled all the way from Costa Rica. 


KaiNexicon was filled with speakers, activities, and sessions designed for our customers to get the most out of KaiNexus. These include favorites such as SpeedNexus and the KaiNexpert Fair. We had some fantastic customer panels, solo customer presentations, and Keynote speakers - from our very own Mark Graban and Deondra Wardelle

Here Brian Molgaard, Business Process Analyst at Jack Henry, gathered laughs from the audience after bringing a very lengthy paper A3! 


We hear it every year - our attendees love SpeedNexus. What is SpeedNexus, you ask?

Imagine speed dating. Except, instead of awkward small talk with potential dates, you’re giving mini demos of your KaiNexus instance. With about two minutes per demo, attendees rotate around the room for an hour and a half so that by the time it’s over, they’ve seen around 15 demos. The thing that makes this so cool is that because KaiNexus is so configurable, everyone uses it a little differently. By seeing small slices of the system as it’s being used at other organizations, attendees come away with new ideas for their own companies.


Today we just shared a few highlights, but to get the full picture of what KaiNexicon is like, you’re going to have to join us in Austin for KaiNexicon 2023.

Stay tuned for details to come! We can’t wait to see you KaiNext-year.

For more pics, check out our KaiNexicon album on Facebook, or you can check out photos on the Whova App. While you're there, be sure to like our Facebook page to stay in the loop. 

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