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How KaiNexus Uses KaiNexus

Posted by Morgan Wright

Oct 29, 2021 10:16:37 AM

Back in 2009, when KaiNexus was born, we worked strictly in the healthcare industry. Fast forward to 2021, we partner with thousands and thousands of users across many different industries, including Manufacturing, Logistics, Professional Services, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, and more. Each of our customers utilizes KaiNexus differently to solve their individual use cases. No matter what kind of improvement work your organization is doing, customize your KaiNexus to achieve your goals.

In this blog, we want to share how one organization, in particular, uses KaiNexus...none other than KaiNexus ourselves! Check out these five ways we use KaiNexus to support our communication, improvement work, and overall goals: 

1. Custom Badges
Banna Badges Update

Badges are an important gamification tool to help engage users. Using badges lets your organization give users a "roadmap" of the desired set of actions you want them to take. Gamifying your system can lead to higher engagement and loyalty in the workplace. A few custom badges we have implemented in our system to engage our team are: 

  • Make KaiNexus Better Badge: Earned by submitting 1 product idea improvement per month 

  • Bug Finder: Earned by submitting 5 bugs in the system you find

  • Karaoke Badge: Earned this by singing karaoke with the KaiNexus crew! 

2. Branding - Custom Boards

Who said improvement work couldn't be fun? Customizing boards makes KaiNexus a little bit more fun - especially around holidays. A successful internal branding approach helps staff support company morale, productivity, retention, and ultimately, helps to improve the company's bottom line. Check out our Spooooooky Halloween Announcements Board! 


Custom Boards - Branding in KaiNexus


3. Weekly Huddles

Communication is key in improvement work. Whether you're in the office or working from home, it's important to make time with your team to talk through Items in KaiNexus. Consistent huddles will increase communication, collaboration, and ensure Items don’t fall through the cracks. Each week, KaiNexians across teams join 15-minute huddle meetings with leadership to talk through new or overdue items and clear any bottlenecks. (No overdue Items - good job, team!)


Weekly Huddle Board in KaiNexus


4. Keep Up With Streaks

You can incentivize certain behaviors in KaiNexus by awarding users a streak for keeping up with a task weekly or monthly. Streaks track the number of days, weeks, or months in a row you’ve performed an action in KaiNexus, like clearing your notifications. 

On our Spooooky Announcements board, you can check out which KaiNexians have received their 'All Caught Up' streak badge! This badge is awarded to those who have cleared their notifications consistently. Streaks are a fun way to compete with yourself and your teammate, on your improvement work!


Streaks in KaiNexus


5. Project Management

Each KaiNexian has a strategic project they work on throughout the year. We use KaiNexus to manage our projects through the use of A3’s. A3's help to increase visibility and accountability into our projects to identify when people need help and to follow project health in an organized way.


A3 Create in KaiNexus


I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about how KaiNexians use KaiNexus! Reach out to your CSM if you have any questions.

Topics: Employee Engagement, Spread Continuous Improvement

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