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Creating Boards in KaiNexus by Persona: Frontline

Posted by Morgan Wright

Sep 6, 2022 11:20:49 AM

Below is a recap of the ‘Boards by Persona: Frontline’ Webinar hosted by Adam Darnell and Brittany Currier, or you can watch the recording here. Stay tuned for the remaining dates of the ‘Boards by Persona’ webinar series. 

What are Personas, and why are they important?

KaiNexus Personas are a way to identify and classify how your Users are using KaiNexus. Previously, KaiNexus Users were only defined by their User Type and their System Role. Unlike User Types and System Roles, Personas don’t inherently grant any permissions. Instead, the Persona User attribute is a way to label and identify users and allows you the opportunity to better understand how each person is using the system. This can help you to identify who needs additional permissions or who needs a more simplistic setup. 

The 5 Personas include: 

  • Frontline

  • Leader 

  • Executive 

  • CI Coach 

  • KaiNexus Champion

Having the common language of ‘Persona’ helps our team at KaiNexus give thoughtful recommendations and resources - including communication strategies - no matter what your use case is. 

Creating strategic Boards by Persona is a great way you can set up your system to best engage everyone in your organization. Each Persona has different responsibilities and interests in the system, so by setting up Boards through the lens of each of them, you can create a more valuable experience for everyone involved. In this Webinar Series, you’ll learn exactly how to do that! 

Boards by Persona: Frontline

We kicked off this ‘Boards by Persona’ webinar series with the Frontline Persona (the most common Persona). Frontline users are on the ground floor of improvement - they are participating in improvement work but are not responsible for higher-level initiatives (coaching, planning, and organizing strategic efforts). They may have the simplest view of KaiNexus - but don’t discredit their importance in driving improvement work. These users are integral to driving system adoption. 

This is why it’s so important to design Boards through the lens of a Frontline user. Boards are the first thing users see when they log into the system. They are visual, and eye-catching, and they guide you to the work you need to do. The following Board designs are created to drive system adoption and set Frontline users up for success:

Announcements Board

The Announcements Board is one engaging Board for Frontline users. This Board provides a user-friendly first impression of the system that allows users to easily navigate and interact with relevant information. Several things you could include on an Announcements Board include: 

    • Resource Card - Here you can include links to collateral, training resources, recommended blogs or podcasts, KaiNexus ‘pro tips’, and more. 

    • Important Dates Card - This allows Frontline users to stay on top of important dates, including organization-wide meetings, project due dates, or even co-workers' birthdays or holiday parties!

    • Leaderboard Card - Everyone loves a little competition, right? Once you turn on Universal Badges, you can create a leaderboard card to show off streak badges. Users can compete with themselves or each other to see who can maintain the longest streak - whether that’s submitting weekly items, logging in, or clearing notifications.


My Board

My Board’ is a great way to show people the work that’s most relevant to them. This Board should show people exactly what they need to see in KaiNexus - and nothing extra. You can configure a My Board for specific Network Locations, and then it will automatically adjust to accommodate the User that’s logged in - rather than having to create an individual Board for each person. Cards you could include on your My Board include: 

    • My Badges Card - Get your users excited about the system by displaying their earned Badges on the ‘My Board’. As you know, Badges help to gamify the system and increase adoption. 

    • My Impact Card - Create a Card where you can visualize your impact. Sometimes an Idea or project may seem small, so it’s important to connect it to the bigger picture and see what huge impact you are contributing. 

    • My Tasks Card - It’s easy to lose track of tasks. To help stay organized, create a Tasks Card. The Board will populate to show the Tasks of the user that’s logged in.

    • Overdue Items Card - If your team struggles with overdue Items, this is a great way to remind them to stay on top of these. 



Huddle Board

A Huddle Board is an essential part of encouraging frontline engagement in KaiNexus. Huddle Boards give Frontline users the opportunity to collaborate on ideas with others in their organization. Use the Location Filter on the left to filter the information for that particular Location. Cards to include on a Huddle Board can be: 

    • ‘Create’ Button Widget - If you are hosting a meeting or want to quickly add something discussed during a Huddle, you can quickly submit an Idea using this widget. Having a widget handy on a card makes submitting an Item speedy! 

    • Strategic Projects Card - Stay on top of strategic projects by creating a Card to keep track of these. This will help to increase visibility and communication about these projects throughout your organization.

    • Kanban View - Kanban View gives Frontline users, and higher-up users, a visual understanding of where an Idea is in its lifecycle. This view makes your Huddle Meetings easier and more accessible. Use the drag and drop feature to easily move Ideas between status’! 

    • Team Metrics Card - Highlight important metrics you want to stay top of mind for your team on a Card. Additionally, you can include a Chart to help with visualization of what the progress is on those metrics.

One way we utilize a Huddle Board here at KaiNexus is during our weekly Customer Experience Team Meetings. All customer-facing KaiNexians get together to huddle during this time. This gives us the opportunity to run through strategic projects, discuss new Ideas, and gives the time for leadership to collaborate and communicate with the team.

Reach out to your CSM if you are interested in creating Boards to support your Frontline users. 

Register for the next webinar, Boards by Persona: Leader, on September 22nd at 1pm EST. 

Topics: Employee Engagement, Improvement Culture

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