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Increasing Engagement through Gamification - Let's Talk about Badges!

Posted by Morgan Wright

Jun 23, 2021 2:30:00 PM

Motivation can be described as the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. It’s a physiological desire fueled by specific internal or external rewards or incentives. There are several different variations of motivation, and one successful way of driving motivation is gamification.

Gamification simply refers to the motivation, desire, and willingness to do something. It works to “gamify” tasks through the use of points, badges, community, and competition in a non-gaming environment, creating similar experiences to those experienced when playing games to motivate and engage users. Badges are one example of the use of gamification. Badges are virtual icons that show certain users their capability to do something, and users receive the badge once they have completed the desired task. Badges are extremely important because they make users feel important and accomplished and further connect them with the brand along the way. Brand’s can give the users a “roadmap” of the desired set of actions they want them to take through badges. This leads to higher engagement and loyalty in the workplace. 

Gamification works in several ways:

  • Gives the user control 
  • Helps us know where we are and where we are going 
  • Reinforces good behavior 
  • Gives a sense of achievement 
  • Hits our competitive side by helping us set goals and compete with ourselves 

In our recent 2.5.3 release, we added several gamification features to Badges to help increase engagement in the platform and lead to a more interconnected team. 

Our new badge features include: 


You can now incentivize certain behaviors in KaiNexus with our new streak feature! Streaks track the number of days, weeks, or months in a row you’ve performed an action in KaiNexus, like submitting items or logging in at your desired frequency. Earn a Badge for maintaining those streaks! 




KaiNexus now has Superbadges! Superbadges are awarded based on Badges previously earned in the system so that users can recognize incremental accomplishments. This means that organizations using Badges have additional configuration options when setting Badge criteria.

For example, users could create Badges for submitting 100 Improvements, signing off on 50 Milestones, and resolving 75 Projects. Once a User has earned all three of those Badges, they could then unlock a Lean Superstar Superbadge! 




KaiNexus now offers in-app and email notifications to warn people if they’re about to lose a badge. This is a great way to encourage engagement!



What could be better than the peace of mind that comes from clearing notifications? Why, earning a Badge for it, of course! This new criteria allows users to stay up-to-date by marking notifications as read or clearing them out, then display that reward like a badge of honor! 

Browser vs. Mobile App

There is no “right” way to submit an item. Whether users work from a desk and submit items through the KaiNexus browser, or if they are a front-line worker who prefers the Mobile App as they are always on-the-go. Either way, users can now earn Badges based on using KaiNexus via a browser, the Mobile App, or both! 



Check out your User Profile and View Badges to see all the Badges you’ve earned, as well as the Badges you can work toward! If you have any questions or need assistance with the configuration of these new features, be sure to reach out to your KaiNexus Customer Experience Lead. We highly encourage you to check out the full 2.5.3 release notes on our support site at support.kainexus.com.

Topics: Employee Engagement, Spread Continuous Improvement

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