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Why You Need Idea Software ASAP

Posted by Jeff Roussel

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Apr 2, 2015 7:11:00 AM

idea management softwareThe concept of idea software is relatively new, but growing in popularity. The analyst firm Forrester Research explained why:

Organizations must continually evolve through innovation to meet increasing market and economic pressures. Rather than simply mining promising suggestions submitted on slips of paper dropped into an employee suggestion box, an organization must actively mine and manage the collective wisdom and experiences of all of the players in the firm’s innovation ecosystem to thrive in increasingly competitive markets."

When fueled by strong executive support and a culture that embraces positive change, idea software can benefit an organization in many ways, including:

Uncovering new opportunities for improvement – Often, when idea software is made available company wide and employees are challenged to seek ways to improve the business, executives are shocked by the immediate impact employee-driven innovations can have for the business. But, it shouldn’t be surprising. Front line employees witness processes and results first-hand, every single day and are well positioned to identify what can be improved.

Better cross-functional collaboration – Innovation is a team sport. Unlike a suggestion box that literally locks in employee ideas, idea software is open ground for teams to work together to solve problems and seize opportunities.

More employee engagement – When employees know their ideas are valued and are given the chance to implement positive change, they become more emotionally invested in the success or the organization. Engaged employees are more productive, less error prone and more likely to delight customers.

Shorter idea to implementation time-line – Idea software does more than just collect employee ideas, it provides a framework for bringing ideas to life. Teams are assembled (when needed), information is shared, and commitments are defined. Active workflow ensures that progress doesn’t stall.

Idea software supports innovation and makes it self-sustaining. Firms that are successful with its implementation and use have a significant competitive advantage over those that fail to harness the collective intelligence of each and every member of the team.

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