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Big Idea 2015: Unleash The Hidden Talent in Your Organization

Posted by Maggie Millard

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Dec 22, 2014 7:46:00 AM

5379855026_cb0f9e2e5d_oOur CEO Allan Wilson published a piece that's making a splash in the LinkedIn community on an idea so powerful, I just had to share it with you here, too.

In it, Allan talks about how there's a major change many organizations need to make in 2015 - the Big Idea 2015 - in order to achieve success. Rather than suggest companies invest in a new silver bullet, though, Allan writes that they need only to turn their focus inward and unleash the hidden talent of their employees. 


Unleash The Hidden Talent in Your Organization

When I was a little kid, I would make my Santa list each Christmas. I would always ask for the same thing - more toy cars. I remember what my mother used to say when I gave her my list to be sent to Santa, “More cars! But you don’t play with all the ones you already have!”

Each Christmas, the automobile marketing industry hits high gear and we are inundated with commercials for bright, shiny, new cars. The commercials create an illusion that we will suddenly become better people, we’ll be perceived as being more successful, and we’ll get everything that we deserve if we simply buy a new car.

I find it is the same in business; we’re constantly searching beyond our organization for something - be it a new idea, a new innovation, or new technology - to make our business better. We have this illusion that some external expert will suddenly walk through the door with a brand new idea that will be the “silver bullet” solving all of our problems and guaranteeing our success.

We Already Have What We're Looking For...

In looking outside the organization for help, we’re failing to utilize the most valuable resource we have. This resource:

  1. Is present in every organization
  2. Knows more about the internal workings of our business than anyone else
  3. Knows where there are opportunities to improve and innovate
  4. Doesn’t cost us any extra money to utilize
What’s that resource? Our employees.

Companies often fail to make use of their human capital because they neglect to see them as a talent pool; they’re more often perceived as a cost. It’s time we unleash this powerful internal resource and stop searching externally for a brand new, shiny “silver bullet."

So what must business leaders do to unleash the power of their employees in 2015?

Read the rest of the post on LinkedIn to find out! 

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