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How Software Supports 9 Popular Quality Improvement Tools

Posted by Maggie Millard

Oct 4, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Fortunately for organizations looking to develop a culture of continuous improvement, there are lots of tried and tested quality improvement tools available. Many of them were developed within the Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, or Total Quality Management paradigms, but you don’t have to go all-in on one of these approaches. Many companies find success using a mix of these useful tools. One thing that makes them all more effective is software designed to bring structure to improvement work.

Here are some thoughts on how software supports nine of the most popular quality improvement tools.

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You Don't Need Software to Run Your Kaizen Event, But …

Posted by Greg Jacobson

Sep 25, 2019 10:45:07 AM

It may seem strange for us to say that you don't need software to run a kaizen event, but it is true. People do it every day. So, if that's working for you, great. But if you are reading this post, you are probably on the hunt for ways to make your kaizen events more effective. There are tons of ways to improve the success of your events. (We have lots of tips.) However, if you ask our most successful clients, they will tell you that implementing a technology platform that supports kaizen generally, and kaizen events, in particular, has made all of the difference.

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The Essential Features of Change Management Software

Posted by Maggie Millard

Sep 12, 2019 2:39:23 PM

If you are tasked with finding a change management solution for your company, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. All sorts of software from spreadsheets to industrial-strength enterprise software can be marketed as “change management” technology. Few people are experts at evaluating change management software, so if you are a little lost, you are not alone.

To help, we’ve outlined the most critical capabilities and features that you should look for in each solution that you consider. To make it even easier, we’ve created a comparison spreadsheet you can use to point to the most important functionality for your organization and compare solutions.

We’ve broken it down into two sections. The first deals with the technology itself, the second covers your relationship with the vendor and the technical infrastructure they provide. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll end up with a platform that will help take your organization’s improvement efforts to the next level.

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How Software Supports 9 Popular Improvement Techniques

Posted by Greg Jacobson

Sep 3, 2019 6:49:55 PM

Organizations that embrace the continuous improvement approach to business management have lots of tools and techniques to choose from. Some teams leverage these approaches as part of a structured business methodology like Lean, Six Sigma, or Toyota Kata, while others use them independently. Continuous improvement software can be used to bring them all together in one platform dedicated positive change. Here’s how technology can support nine of the most popular CI tools.

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What types of organizations need process improvement software?

Posted by Clint Corley

Aug 29, 2019 1:47:54 PM

We are often asked, “What kind of businesses need a continuous process improvement platform?” Our standard answer is that organizations in every sector, including healthcare, construction, high tech, engineering, and higher education, benefit from improvement technology. And that’s true, but the industry is only part of the story. Improvement is essential for every type of organization, but there are certain conditions under which software support can have an enormous impact.

Organizations with Multiple Locations or Remote Workers

These days people frequently work remotely, and many organizations have multiple locations or job sites. One of the most significant benefits of improvement software is that it makes it possible for people to contribute to improvement and collaboration from wherever they are. Tools like physical huddle boards don’t work well for distributed workforces, but with process improvement software, they can be effectively used without the need to get everyone in the same place.

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11 Reasons to Consider Process Improvement Software

Posted by Jeff Roussel

Aug 22, 2019 1:11:17 PM

We’ve yet to meet a business leader who believes that every process in the organization is perfect. We all want to get lower costs, better customer satisfaction scores, more efficiency, and new ways of driving revenue. The difference between organizations that achieve these ends, and those that can’t, often comes down to the structure upon which process improvement initiatives are built. Process improvement software offers a number of compelling advantages. 

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The Employee Engagement Software Buyer's Guide

Posted by Jeff Roussel

Aug 21, 2019 1:00:06 PM

The most recent employee engagement research by Gallup resulted in a "good news-bad news" situation for employers. The good news is that employee engagement is trending up. The bad news is that it is still pretty abysmal. According to the research, 34% of U.S. employees were engaged, while 16.5% were "actively disengaged." The remaining 53% of workers are in the "not engaged" category. Gallup says these workers, "May be generally satisfied but are not cognitively and emotionally connected to their work and workplace; they will usually show up to work and do the minimum required but will quickly leave their company for a slightly better offer."


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