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How Workflow Software Accelerates Improvement

Posted by Jeff Roussel

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Jan 11, 2017 8:40:00 AM

accelerate.jpgOnce organizations realize the value of daily continuous improvement and learn to leverage employee ideas for innovation, they often turn their focus to how to accelerate the pace of improvement.

There are many ways that teams can get the most out of their improvement efforts. Workflow software is one tool that helps companies manage more improvement projects at the same time and pave a faster path to tangible results.

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Gather More Ideas for Improvement

The first step to rapid improvement is identifying potential process or workspace improvements. Chances are that your employees, especially those on the front lines, already have a lot of ideas about what can be made better. Workflow software gives them a place to put those opportunities and the assurance that each idea will be evaluated.

Maintain Improvement Momentum

Once an opportunity for improvement has been selected for implementation, workflow software helps maintain project momentum by providing alerts and notifications to all of the players at just the right moment. Team members can be involved in any number of improvement projects without anything falling through the cracks.

Capture Knowledge

Improvement projects are faster and more effective if they build on lessons learned during past improvement work. Workforce software captures all relevant information in one easily searchable location so that duplicate efforts can be avoided and each improvement can build on the ones before it.

Simplify Collaboration

It is quite common for inherent barriers to slow down communication between departments, yet cross-functional improvements can be the most meaningful. Diverse teams can work together more efficiently when a common platform that streamlines conversations and crosses functional and geographical boundaries is used.

Calculate Results

One way to get executive leaders and front line employees as well excited and engaged in improvement work is to get great results and share them. When people see the success of other improvement projects, they are more easily able to imagine what they themselves can accomplish. It is also much easier to get commitment for resources when past success is demonstrated. Workflow software helps you measure the results of improvement in the short-term and over the long haul, where much of the ROI for improvement work is realized.

Recognize Your Best Players

When you recognize the people who are contributing to positive change, you show others the path to similar appreciation. The people you call out are more likely to continue their great work, and others will see the benefits of following in their footsteps.

Organizations can certainly implement improvement projects without technology to support it, but it makes a lot more sense to take advantage of solutions built to provide a strong foundation for good change.

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