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Tania Lyon

Dr. Lyon has spent the last 7 years leading St. Clair Hospital, a large award-winning community hospital in Pittsburgh, PA, through a “lean” transformation as their first Director of Organizational Performance Improvement. She has trained over 1600 hospital employees in Toyota principles and methods.  Her own background in Lean healthcare comes from 5 years with the nonprofit Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI) where she helped to develop their nationally acclaimed curriculum for health care professionals and coached lean improvement efforts in a variety of healthcare settings. Dr. Lyon is also interested in Lean Healthcare applications for low resource settings like hospitals in Malawi and Haiti.  She earned her PhD in Sociology from Princeton University and her BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from U.C. Berkeley and has two charming daughters who have thus far resisted all efforts to apply the Toyota Way to their rooms.
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Dashboards: Greasing the Wheels at St. Clair Hospital

Posted by Tania Lyon

Sep 1, 2016 4:11:45 PM

Tania Lyon is the Director of Organization Performance Improvement at St. Clair Hospital in Pittsburgh and a KaiNexus customer. She has taken full advantage of the KaiNexus platform and today we will share a guest post that she wrote about the use of Boards at St. Clair Hospital.

KaiNexus boards are an important part of our continuous improvement effort at St. Clair. With only two staff members dedicated to continuous improvement in a hospital of 2,400 employees, we need transparency to help us identify where our coaching is most needed. Our KaiNexus boards help us prioritize who to work with and when, sort of similar to how the squeaky wheel gets the grease. They also help us know where and when to “coach the coaches” as we work to embed lean management principles into our leadership team.

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