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5 Features To Look for In Kaizen Software

Posted by Greg Jacobson

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May 29, 2014 11:00:00 AM

What Features Does Your Kaizen Software Need?

2014-05-27_09_21_02-KaiNexusAre you familiar with the term “Kaizen”? If not, you should start learning; the future of your company could depend on it. The Japanese word roughly translates to “improvement” or “good change.” In terms of current business applications, it refers to a philosophy that incorporates a four-pronged approach to problem-solving that helps develop a culture of continuous improvement

Kaizen software is a flexible tool that allows you to create and implement business solutions using a dynamic cycle that includes identification, action, resolution and recognition. The success of these incremental changes fosters an atmosphere that encourages employees to share ideas, thereby sustaining the momentum.

Old-school methods of creating employee involvement such as suggestion boxes were cumbersome and inefficient. Assuming that the input ever reached the correct person, the lack of tracking and accountability often halted the progress of improvement ideas before they even got started. As a result, employees lost the incentive to contribute and kept their ideas to themselves.

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Here are five major features to look for when selecting Kaizen software:

  1. Easy deployment

    The software should use cloud-based technology so it requires no special installation. It’s intuitive enough that your employees will be able to start using it immediately with a minimum of training. Access is available from any browser or mobile device.

    Learn more about Kaizen software deployment here.

  2. Flexibility

    Opportunities for improvement come in all sizes, from standalone ideas with one owner to projects that involve several team members and a variety of tasks. Good Kaizen software can be applied to a full spectrum of solutions, matching an appropriate workflow to each corresponding problem.

    Learn more about this feature here.

  3. Cross-departmental efficiency

    Companies all too often operate in silos, with departments unable or unwilling to share information and coordinate combined efforts. On the rare occasions when a project makes it past these barriers, valuable time can be consumed by debating who is responsible for which tasks and who gets credit. Kaizen software should tear down these boundaries to streamline the process and facilitate teamwork by improving communication and facilitating collaboration.

    Learn more about cross-functional collaboration here.

  4. Visual tracking and reporting

    Without measurable results, a project can lose steam as members are unable to see the effects of their work. With Kaizen software, each opportunity is quantified with its specific impact in terms of cost savings, time savings and other relevant parameters. Kaizen software should provide you and your team leaders with charts, graphics and other metrics to track every opportunity each step of the way. The software should continue to pay dividends for the future by categorizing all opportunities into a searchable database for continued use and reference.

    Learn more about this feature here.

  5. Built-in recognition

    Your employees will more readily buy into the concept of continuous improvement when they feel they can be valuable. Kaizen software lets you recognize contributors with features such as a virtual badge system and online profile that publicly identifies each individual’s success. You can also take it one step further and use the information to create more formal celebrations such as quarterly award ceremonies.

    Learn more here.


Software benefits all the other areas of your company. Shouldn’t goal attainment be valued just as much? Implement Kaizen software today and start your company on the road to a culture of continuous improvement.

The ROI of Continuous Improvement


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