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Want a Successful Kaizen Software Deployment? Here are the Keys.

Posted by Greg Jacobson

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Jul 30, 2015 12:06:17 PM

kaizen softwareAs much as we’d like to believe that every organization that invests in Kaizen software is able to successfully implement and fully adopt it, we know it isn’t so. Although many companies are able to rapidly achieve ROI and make Kaizen part of the culture, others struggle to embrace both the technology and the approach. Here’s what the successful organizations have in common.

Strong Executive Leadership

You might be able to get the company to start using a new file sharing system or shared calendar without much evangelism from the executive team, but Kaizen software is a bit different. Kaizen is more than a tool or a process. It is a philosophy that informs corporate culture. If employees don’t perceive that the approach is supported at the top, they won’t embrace the way of thinking, let alone the software that supports it.

Thoughtful Attention to Training

People fear (and avoid) what they don’t understand. Successful organizations make sure that everyone has ample training on both the Kaizen software solution and the approach to business. They walk through “what if” scenarios to get people comfortable with what is expected. They are also clear about how people can get support and additional training.

Consistent Goal Alignment

The organizations that get the most out of their investment in Kaizen software make sure that identifying and acting on opportunities for improvement are part of the performance evaluation for each employee. This keeps it front of mind and reinforces its importance. Employees know what is expected and exactly how they can reach their goals. Team and departmental goals are also useful ways to drive engagement.

Wise Vendor Selection

Getting employees to embrace new technology, especially when accompanied by a new business methodology, is tough. Getting them to do it with technology that is clunky, slow, or not available on the devices they use is almost impossible. The user experience must pass a high bar for all technology these days, Kaizen solutions are no exception. Consider only those that will be frictionless for your employees to use and that provide all of the features necessary to seamlessly manage your improvement initiatives.

Frequent Employee Recognition

The importance of employee recognition in the quest for continuous improvement can’t be overstated. Not only are employees who are recognized for their contribution to positive change more likely to continue the practice, others are more inclined to join in. The best Kaizen software has built-in employee recognition to make the practice easy for managers.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but by proactively considering these items, you can increase your chances of a painless and complete Kaizen software implementation.

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